Marvin The Meepers

One of the best decisions I made was to bring Marvin also known as Orange Kitty and now known as Meepers!! When I think back to the cat who lived on and under my deck from December 2012 to May 2013, I cannot even believe it is the same cat.

Marvin was a stray turned feral who had been living on his own for 1.5 to 2 years. I had seen him on my deck a few times in June of 2011 and again in November 2011. Both times he was looking for food and both times Shadow chased him away. In December 2012, he must have been desperate for food. It was very cold and snowy and he obviously needed food.

I have written about Orange Kitty and Marvin in my section under My Ferals. I do believe that Marvin’s transformation is incredible. He started off as a very afraid stray/feral living under my deck. He then transformed to a docile kitty living on and under my deck. Next he became a territorial aggressive cat living on my deck. When I moved him inside he was very loving and sweet as long as he was in his safe room. Once he met my resident cat, Jake it was a disaster. His territorial aggressiveness reappeared. Finally after living inside the house for one year, he completely transformed into a mild mannered house cat. He does not have one ounce of aggressiveness left inside him. He plays with Jake, hangs out with Jake and snuggles with Jake. He loves to play with us or even by himself. He is a complete member of our household.

One of the funniest quirks about Marvin is the sounds he makes. Marvin does not meow. He opens his mouth to meow, but most of the time, nothing comes out. Yet when he is excited (such as meal time or play time) he makes the most adorable sound. The closest I can describe it is a meep.  He also makes this sound each and every time he jumps up onto his condo, a chair, the bed or the couch. When he is excited or wants to play with Jake, he will meep and meep. It is a very endearing quality.  We have nicknamed him Meepers or Meeps.

Here he is with Jake, his best buddy.

Jake and Marvin



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