Flower Essences

My interest in flower essences began over 10 years ago when I took an online Bach Flower Class which took 6 months to complete. Once I was finished, I had the knowledge and understanding of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. I began using them on myself and my family with good results. When a new puppy entered our lives she was in need of some emotional help. I turned to the Bach flower remedies to help calm her. It was my first experience using flower essences on animals. She responded well and over the years I have continued to use the remedies on her as well as a host of other animals in my life.

So what are flower essences you may be asking? Flower essences are specially prepared extracts of the flowering parts of certain plants. They work through energy fields to heal stress and disease from the inside. Like homeopathy, flower essence therapy works on an energetic level to restore the balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Flower essences are not the same as essential oils or aromatherapy. While essential oils contain the biochemical components of the plants from which they are extracted, flower essences contain the vibrational energy of the plant.

Flower essences were first developed by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician who studied and prepared 38 flower essences. The essences are used to help with emotional, physical, and behavioral problems in humans as well as animals. One of the most well known essences for humans and animals is Rescue Remedy. Since the development of Bach Flower Essences, many other companies now sell a variety of flower essences. Some of these companies are specific for animals or have their own line of essences for animals.

Administering flower essences is quite simple. For humans they can be added to a glass of water, spritzed around the room or even massaged into the skin. When using the essences with animals they can be added to wet food a few times daily or simply added to the water bowl. The essences can be misted around the room, onto bedding or even onto special toys. A few drops can be applied to the fur of the animal or rubbed into your hands and applied to the animal. Most essences begin to work in 7-14 days, but some may take up to 6 weeks or longer for desired results. You can read more about the essences, dosage and administration here.

I successfully used the essences on my dog and when our first cat joined our life he too was introduced to flower essences. I mainly used the essences (Rescue Remedy) during stressful situations such as car trips or vet visits. Yet I realized that given the opportunity, the essences could work deeper on the energetic field when given for longer periods of time. I began mixing my own essences for my dog and cat and after many weeks on the essences, behavioral changes became evident. The changes began very subtly, but continued to work as time passed.

When Shadow first came into my life, I was looking for a way to help him with all of his fear. I stumbled across Jackson Galaxy’s line of Spirit Essences. This is a line of essences developed specifically for animals. I found an essence called Feral Cat Rehab. I began placing the drops into Shadow’s wet food 2-3x each day as well as a few drops in his water bowl. Within 2 weeks of starting the essence, he stepped foot inside my house for the first time. I continued using the essences on him for weeks to come. I also successfully used Feral Cat Rehab on Patches and Orange Kitty/Marvin. When Marvin moved inside the house, he received daily doses of flower essences for months. The remedies changed as he changed, but they certainly help him with many of his behavioral issues and fears. Hampton on the other hand refused to eat the food when the drops were mixed into it. Some how he could taste or feel the energetic vibration and chose not to accept them.

I also used another company called Green Hope Farm. They have developed hundreds of remedies for humans and also have a line specifically for animals. They are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in choosing the correct essence for your pet. They work on a mail order system only which is a little different in today’s modern world of internet orders. Yet, their essences are top notch. You just need an open mind when visiting their website!

When using flower essences it is important to remember that they are not a substitute for medical or veterinarian care. Flower essences do not directly treat physical illness, but may help resolve the underlying energetic causes of disease. Always discuss all herbs, essences, and other supplements with your veterinarian before using. If your animal has a serious physical problem, please consult your veterinarian.

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