Stellar the Magical Kitty

If you would like to know the story of Stellar, you can read about him in my section under My Ferals.

Stellar has been with me now for almost 2 years, yet it seems like he has been here forever. It is some times difficult to describe Stellar as he wears many different hats. He came to me very skittish and quite untrusting. Yet, he watched my interactions with Shadow and realized he did not need to fear me. Some times I forget he came to me as a stray/feral with huge wild eyes and other times something so minor frightens him and he is off to hide.

I knew from the beginning that he was a very gentle soul. His interactions with Shadow were friendly and inviting from the very start. The bond between the two is unique. They are rarely apart for more than a few hours. On occasion, Stellar goes off on one of his longer jaunts. Shadow gets very nervous and begins to pace the deck and meow. He worries when Stellar is gone too long. The two always greet each other with head butts, licks, play sessions and grooming sessions. They usually sleep snuggled up together or right next to each other. I don’t know what one would do without the other.

Stellar does leave almost daily even if it is just for an hour or so. It is as though he needs a little bit of alone time. I usually know where to find him and can call for him and he will come home. It’s not very often I need to do this as he comes home on his own loping through the yard. Stellar does not run or walk at a leisurely pace. He lopes with a bounce in his step. He just sends out the happiest most content energy. It can be accompanied by silliness some days while more peaceful solitude the next day.

I try to spend time outside each day with Shadow and Stellar even if the weather is cold, snowy or rainy. I often head out to their shelter and sit down to pet them, brush them, give them treats and just talk to them. I always tell them of the weather forecast and if any bad weather is headed our way. I have always believed in talking to your animals and letting them know what is going on. Stellar will always sit and absorb everything I say. It’s almost as though he will nod in agreement when I am finished. Many times I will tell Stellar that he needs to return from his alone time before the bad weather hits or I tell him that it’s best he doesn’t leave. He often stays or returns before needed. It is difficult to describe the look on Stellar’s face when I talk with him. He studies my face intently as long as I don’t look directly into his eyes. Once I am done talking, he will crawl back into his bed. He is an amazing soul.

This winter he turned over a new leaf with me. He previously had allowed me to pet him as well as brush him. I could also pick him up if needed. Yet he never liked to sit in my lap for long and when I held him, he was squirmy and wanted down. This very cold winter, he would appear multiple times during the day at my sliding door. He wanted me to come out and see him. I would pet him, but he always seemed to want something else. I decided to pick him up and hold him close to me. He melted. He would bury his head into the crook of my arm and just purr. He then would look directly into my eyes with such peaceful contentedness. This was so different as most times he would run and hide if I looked directly into his eyes. It was as though he was letting me know that he felt safe with me. I could kiss the top of his head too. He would allow this for a few minutes, then he would want down and head back to the shelter, happy as a clam. I have no idea what prompted this change, but it is so magical to feel his love.

When I look out onto the deck each day and I see Stellar sitting, lounging, playing or eating, I feel a special warmth in my heart. He is such a wonderful addition to our animal family. I used to constantly worry about Shadow when he was alone. The other ferals have come and gone in Shadow’s life, but Stellar has been a constant. They rely on each other and have each other for snuggling, playing and companionship. I consider myself very lucky that he chose our home as his new home.

Here is a favorite picture of Stellar as well as one with the boys snuggling.

The boys snuggling March 2015

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2 Responses to Stellar the Magical Kitty

  1. John and Emily Haynes says:

    What a wonderful account of the care and concern for all your animals.


  2. Mark Morscher says:

    Very, very nice.




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