I wanted to write an update on Cisco. You can read about him in the section My Ferals. Since Christmas, I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually seen Cisco. He was gone for nearly 2 weeks and when he returned he was just not the same. It seemed that he was getting fed as he was not skinny and he did not have much interest in eating. He normally would eat almost an entire can of wet food and also a bowl of dry. These few visits, he ate next to nothing. He did meow to me and he did sit on the deck briefly, but then he just left. He did this a few times throughout the month of January.

Around mid January, he began to appear between 11pm and midnight. At first he would show up and go into the shelter just outside my sliding door. He was there for 4-6 hours. Yet he was always gone before I got up in the morning. He did this a few times, but only on nights when it was above 20. Once the weather turned, the bitter cold and snow arrived and I did not see him. The bad weather lasted 2-3 weeks and he never once appeared. This lead me to believe that he was living farther away and it was too difficult to get to me. Yet, once the weather would warm a bit, he was back. I am now seeing him again a few nights each week right around midnight on the camera. He does not go in any of the shelters, just sniffs around on the deck and then leaves. The other night I had a few catnip toys out and he did enjoy them! He also saw Shadow the other night, but it seemed to scare him off.

I am now beginning to wonder if Cisco has a home. I always figured he was a stray. I have to wonder if he has been spending the winter inside and is let out on warmer nights. It makes me wonder if he does have a home what the owners think about his ear tip? Do they know that he has been neutered? Do they know he has been cared for elsewhere? When he first appeared to me, I posted pictures and information on our neighborhood social network about him. I also posted on Pet FBI. I heard nothing. It is surprising to me that my efforts to locate an owner went unanswered. I just cannot imagine my cat missing and not trying to find him.

My hope for dear Cisco is that he does have a home. I was happy to care for him when he needed it most. I am just sad that someone didn’t care enough to look for him when he was missing for 6 months. He knows I am still here if he should ever need me again. I hope he is happy and being loved with a wonderful family. I had this poem in my feral cat folder and thought it would be appropriate to share.

I Adopted Your Pet Today

I adopted your pet today…
The one you left behind;
The one you had for years
And no longer wanted around.

I adopted your pet today…
Did you know that he’s lost weight?
Did you know he’s scared and depressed
And seems to have lost all faith?

I adopted your pet today…
He had fleas and a little cold;
Guess you don’t care what shape he’s in
As you abandoned him I am told.

I adopted your pet today…
Were you having a baby or moving away?
Did you suddenly develop allergies,
Or was there NO reason he couldn’t stay?

I adopted your pet today…
He doesn’t play or even each much;
I guess he’s very sad inside and
It will take some time for him to trust.

I adopted your pet today…
And here he is going to stay;
He’s found his FOREVER home
And a warm bed in which to lay.

I adopted your pet today…
And shall give him all that he will need;
Patience, love and security
So he can forget your selfish deed.



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