It’s Old Home Week

Hampton continues to come nightly and he eats and eats. His usual strategy is to eat about 2 ½ cans of wet food each night. He will then hang out under the deck for awhile before leaving. He and Shadow have greeted each other and all seems well. Stellar has been under the deck too just to check things outs. Fortunately no one seems agitated.

Last night it was very windy. Hampton came and ate, but did not stay very long due to the wind. I wondered if he would come back later when the wind had died down. Around 8:30 I once again saw glowing eyes under the deck. Yet, the eyes seemed larger and the placement under the deck was a bit different. I had already picked up Hampton’s food, but took out some more and watched. Lo and behold, it was Cisco!! I had not seen him in person since January. He did come around in February and March a few times, but he had been MIA for 6 weeks. He too was quite hungry. Shadow immediately went and greeted Cisco and then left him to eat. What a crazy turn of events.

Now the waiting begins to see how the party outside unfolds. Last summer, Cisco and Hampton did not like sharing space under the deck. There was a brief scuffle that resulted in Hampton not coming around for a few days. Of course at that time both boys were intact. Hopefully now since they are neutered and their hormones suppressed, they will be civil to one another. I will try to get Cisco to eat back on the deck so that Hampton can continue eating under the deck. Yet, who knows if Cisco will come around again. He might have been just stopping by to say hello. The Inn is now full so I hope no more cats wander through my yard!

Here is a picture of Shadow greeting Cisco and Stellar sitting on the deck.

Cisco being greeted by Shadow.

Cisco being greeted by Shadow.

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