Sadie’s Saga

Sadie has now been with me for 12 days. It has been an emotional roller coaster. She has been to the vet 4 times and we still are uncertain what is causing all of her pain. When she came to me, she had an upper respiratory virus and was very malnourished. She has struggled with eating as well as pain in her low back and pain in her neck.

The first issue has been getting her to eat. The first few days I was syringe feeding her. Then she slowly felt better and began to eat on her own. That was short lived. I am uncertain if it is painful for her to lower her head to eat and swallow or if she doesn’t have the strength. So daily syringe feedings continue. She had gained almost a pound, but then lost ½ pound when she stopped eating. The vet prescribed an appetite stimulant to help rev up her appetite. Yet it proceeded to make her pace for almost 20 hours. It had an adverse affect on her system. She did eat a bit more, but it wasn’t worth it.

She continues to be in a great deal of pain. Last Friday I rushed her to the vet as she couldn’t get herself up, she refused to eat and she was growling and hissing each time I touched her. The vet did x-rays and found she has a dislocated tail at the base of her tail as well as cervical stenosis at her neck. The tail dislocation appears to be an injury of some sort. While the cervical stenosis could either be from age or possibly she was born that way. The vet also discovered mineral deposits in her lungs. These are possibly from chronic airway infections. Pain medication was prescribed as well as laser treatments and we went home with her to rest. Unfortunately over the weekend, the pain medication became a bit too much for her. She was in such a drugged state that she could hardly move. She was urinating on herself too.

By Monday of this week, she was not in a good state. She was urinating, but had yet to have a bowel movement in 5 days. She had a laser treatment appointment on Monday so back to the vet we went. She continued to be in pain, but the vet reduced the amount of pain medication. It was believed to be suppressing her appetite as well as causing her digestive system to be sluggish. She also received a B12 injection to help boost her energy and hopefully encourage her to eat more. After the laser treatment, Sadie was wiped out. She hardly moved the rest of the day and into the evening. She refused to eat anything. She really gave me a scare as she could hardly move. When I would pick her up she was definitely in pain. I gave her some more pain medication as the growling started again. I was awake numerous times during the night to check on her.

At night I am crating her to prevent her from moving around too much. The room she is in, has been blocked off to make it smaller, but she can still move too much. I feel better having her in the crate. She did eat a bit over night and this morning she was walking around and definitely feeling better. Her appetite was a bit better too. I was able to syringe feed her almost ½ can of wet food during the morning. Then finally she had a bowel movement which saved us from another vet trip!!! After moving around for a few hours, I could tell her head was hanging heavy and she needed to rest. I gave her a small amount of pain medicine and she has been resting comfortably for about 4 hours.

Hopefully we make it to Friday where she will have another laser treatment and a blood test for bartonella (cat scratch fever). In cats, bartonella can cause respiratory systems, ocular changes, poor appetite, pain and lethargy. This certainly fits many of Sadie’s symptoms. My vet sent Sadie’s x-rays to an orthopedic veterinarian and we are waiting to hear back. We need to find out if her pain is skeletal (orthopedic) or neurological.

Each day I worry and worry about this poor cat. I so want for her to have a normal life where she can experience our home and other pets. I want her to know love and care. Each day she scares me as she reacts so strongly to the pain and the medication. It is so difficult to know what is normal.

Please keep sweet Sadie girl in your thoughts. She could use the power of good thoughts sent her way.

Sadie Girl

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