Hampton’s Progress

Hampton has now been back for 3weeks. He never misses a day and most days he is here for breakfast and for dinner. He fell right back into his usual routine even eating the same food and eating about the same amount as when he was here before. Yet this time, he seems a bit different, but in a good way!!

When Hampton was here last year, I rarely saw him in person. I had the wireless ip camera on him, but it was so different than actually seeing him with my own eyes. A few times I was able to creep out onto the deck and peer over the railing and see him. It was usually a very quick glance. Now that he has returned he has started coming as early as 5pm and staying sometimes all night. During the time between he when he eats and when he leaves, he is out and about in the yard. He is watching Shadow and Stellar and his even down on the patio with them. Last night I snapped a picture of all 3 cats on or near the patio. The Hampton from last year would rarely have been seen during day light hours. He seems to want to interact with Shadow and Stellar too. He and Shadow are friendly and Hampton even seems to be following Shadow around. I see Shadow come up onto the deck and a few times with Hampton right behind. Hampton and Stellar also seem fine together. Stellar doesn’t go up to him, but they seem fine in each others presence.

Shadow on patio, Hampton in the middle, Stellar by the fence.

Shadow on patio, Hampton in the middle, Stellar by the fence.

Hampton has also been hanging around during the night. A few nights ago he was on and off the deck numerous times. He was sniffing out the feeding stations and checking out the deck furniture. The winter shelters have been put away for the season so the deck is much more open now. Then one night, Shadow was sleeping on the love seat and Hampton jumped up with him. I was stunned. He slept there with Shadow for about 3 hours. During this time, Stellar appeared and he attempted to jump up. He too was shocked to find Hampton there. This is a huge change. Hampton did come up on the deck before, but it was always in the scared feral like low to the ground pose. I have seen in the evenings and mornings coming up onto the deck. Truly amazing.

Shadow on the left, Hampton on the right

Shadow on the left, Hampton on the right

This morning he came up onto the deck and was in the feeding stations. He saw me watching and at first started to run, then he just went back to eating before leaving. I assumed he went back under the deck, but when I looked, he has moved just off the deck onto the grass. He was just watching me and allowing me to watch him. It was the first time I looked him eye to eye. He is one gorgeous cat.

Hampton eye to eye with me.

Hampton eye to eye with me.

I wonder if all of this means that Hampton is here to stay? He certainly seems much more at ease that he did 8 months ago. I may never know what happened to him while he was gone, but I hope to enjoy this presence while he is her and hopefully get to know him.

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