Sadie’s progress

Another week has passed. Sadie is still with me and progressing in tiny bits. She continues with twice weekly vet visits for laser treatments and adequan injections. I am giving B12 injections here at home. Her medications are numerous, but we finally are seeing some results. She is on an antibiotic for the toxoplasmosis, an anti nausea drug since the antibiotic makes her so nauseous, an anti inflammatory drug, pain medication and pepcid. I also am using flower essences and traumeel. I have to keep a journal to keep track of when she takes all of these medications! The first bit of progress this week is that she is eating really well. She had a very very bad day last Sunday where she could hardly move and she hardly ate. Yet after her vet visit Monday, she perked up and has been better. She is eating almost a can of wet food (5 oz) each day. I am still syringe feeding her, but she is starting to show interest in licking some food off a spoon. All of this food is giving her strength and energy. Her swallowing is so much better too. The syringe feedings used to take me 30 minutes each time. It took her so long to swallow. Now it is taking under 15 minutes and she is swallowing quickly and efficiently. This might be a result of the antibiotic working. Secondly, she is much more alert and active. I believe this is from the anti inflammatory drug. She was on it for 3 days last week and then off for one. The day she was off was her worst day ever. She is now back on it for 6 days and then we will move to every other day. Her pain meds have been reduced to only 1 very small dose every 24 hours. She is moving around and wanting to play numerous times each day. She has been visiting in my husband’s office and she likes to explore the room as well as play with a feather wand toy. She is holding her head up, moving her tail and acting like a cat!! We only do this for short bursts. I tell her she can’t over do it or it will set her back. She is starting to try and put a toy in her mouth and also she is making little chirping sounds when she plays. She purrs all the time, but her purr is now very loud and purposeful!! On the down side, she has been having some problems at night where she falls to one side and cannot get herself back up. One night she was sleeping on a towel against a pillow. She rolled into the pillow and could not push herself back up. She remained there all night and was so stiff in the morning. It was as though the entire right side of her body had fallen asleep. I had to massage her muscles and help her move for about 30 minutes. After she moves around for awhile, she works the kinks out and does better. It did happen again the following night. I am not sure why this is happening. My guess is that she is doing a bit too much during the day and when she goes to sleep, she stays in one position for too long and the muscles fall asleep. I am hopeful that she will work this out soon. I am feeling a bit more optimistic this week. You can see light in her eyes and the will to survive and thrive. Please continue to send good thoughts to Sadie. She still has a long road ahead of her, but it is wonderful to see progress! Sadie May 20

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