Wait and See

Sadie has been in a healing crisis mode since Friday evening.  On Friday evening she was unable to get up or hold herself up.  She stopped eating as well.  I had hoped that by the next morning she would be better.

Saturday arrived and she was not better.  She was refusing all food and could not get up.  I called the vet and was told I could bring her in to see a different vet or take her straight to MedVet Emergency.  I decided to see the other vet.  After examining Sadie, she believes Sadie is in a toxoplasmosis healing crisis.  The antibiotic is killing off the parasite at an alarming rate and her body in its weakened state is having  a hard time keeping up.  This vet has seen numerous cases of toxo in cats and said that typically when the antibiotic starts to work, the cat gets worse before it gets better.  I just needed to give her time.  Her antibiotic dose was also increased Thursday evening.  So the blast of extra antibiotic might have pushed her body to start the parasite killing process.

While at the vet, Sadie received another laser treatment and some sub q fluids.  I also brought all of the medication so they could administer it to her.  A few minutes after the laser treatment she was up and walking.  The laser does amazing things to the cells in her body.  Once home I gave her a small amount of appetite stimulant and she ate.  She even ate some on her own.  This proved to be enough for her and she was sleeping the rest of the day.

Sunday was a rough day.  She did eat in the morning, but by afternoon she was out of it again.  I began placing her in the cage with towels all around her to support her.  She was having problems where she would roll over and could not get herself back up.  She would flail around and use all of her strength.  This proved to be the best spot for her.  Sunday her only meal was in the morning, but she continued to take her medication.

On Monday it was more of the same.  I was very worried that the end was near.  My wonderful husband was much more optimistic and said Sadie needed time to rest and heal.  He was the stability that was needed!!  I decided to start the bone broth again.  Fortunately I still had some in the freezer.  I was able to get about 1.5 oz of it down her throughout the day.  Her front two limbs were very rigid during most of the day, but by evening she was more loose and able to get herself up.  I do believe the bone broth has wonderful healing powers!  She walked around the room and even chased after a ball.  She also wanted to eat and eat by herself.  She ate about 1/4 can of wet food and I was able to syringe feed her some as well.  It was nice to see light in her eyes again.  After about 25 minutes of being up and about, she was ready for bed.

Tuesday morning arrived and Sadie was back to her “comatose” state.  She does not want to get up and only ate 1 1/2 syringes.  Yet she did lap a bit at the food herself.  She was very very tired.  After awhile, I realized she was nauseous.  I gave her the nausea medication and am waiting now for it to kick in.

We are in a wait and see mode.  I would like to allow Sadie the time to heal.  I hope that her body is strong enough.  I know that I have done everything possible for her.  I believe she has the will to live.  Please continue to think of Sadie.  She can use all of the help and strength you can offer.

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2 Responses to Wait and See

  1. Melanie Beausay says:

    I do hope that once Sadie’s system is rid of this parasite, you will see overall, lasting improvement. You’re certainly doing your part, Ann. Med Vet is the place to be. Abner (my senior with chronic issues) has been there a few times. I once thought he may not make it & deferred to Med Vet over my own vet – and he is with me still, snarling & purring – whichever suits his mood.


  2. Garnet Mitchell says:

    Ann. I hope your dedication to Sadie is a huge success and very soon. I admire you for your relentless fight to save Sadie, no one could do more. Thanks for keeping us updated.


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