Bone Broth

I mentioned in a post about Sadie that I had made bone broth for her. I had never heard of it although it is sweeping the nation as both a remedy for humans and animals. In the linked post you can see a link to a video on making bone broth.  It was the first food that Sadie was actually excited to eat. Now that she is in a healing crisis, she has been eating it daily. On bad days, she eats mostly just bone broth and it perks her up. On better days, she eats it mixed with canned food. She loves the taste. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Fortunately I have made many batches so I have a nice supply in the freezer.

So what is bone broth you may be wondering? It is broth made from the bones of chicken, beef pork, lamb or fish. I have only used chicken so far. The chicken is cooked first by either roasting or simmering in water. You remove all of the meat and take the leftover bones and place them in a pot on the stove covered in water or place them in the crock pot. The bones cook in the water with a splash of apple cider vinegar to help leach the nutrients from the bones. They need to be cooked for 24 hours. I prefer to use my crock pot since I don’t want to leave an open flame all night. Once cooked, the broth is strained and the bones are discarded. I like to place mine in a blender for a bit to be sure there aren’t any small bones remaining. It will keep in the refrigerator for about 5 days or you can freeze it for use later.

Some of the human benefits of bone broth are to heal your gut, support the immune system, protect your joints, look younger and give you more energy. It is being called the new “super food”. Just one mug a day is all that is needed. I have tried the bone broth and while it’s not delicious it is nourishing. The broth I am making for Sadie does not have any added salt or spices. So it is fairly bland. I did use 2 carcass that I had roasted first. They did have some seasoning on the skin and also the cavity had been stuffed with lemon and rosemary. This broth did have a bit more taste. If I was making it for myself, I would definitely add some salt and pepper. You also can add root vegetables too for me flavor and nutrition. You will strain everything out when it is finished.

When using bone broth for pets, it is a good first meal for animals that have been ill and not wanting to eat. It can be used for elderly animals to provide extra nutrition as well as those animals who do not want to eat. You can feed just the broth or you can add some of the meat off the chicken too. For Sadie I have pureed a small amount of meat and mixed it with the broth and also just used the broth straight. Many pet owners will feed this to their animal with inflammatory bowel disease.

I have found that the importance is to use the correct amount of bones to water ratio. The chickens I have been cooking are on the small side. If I use too much water, the broth does not turn gelatinous. I have read that you can keep the bones and freeze them to use later when you have at least 2 lbs of bones. I may have to try this next time.

Sadie has responded beautifully to bone broth. It is the one food she will not turn down. I am amazed that after eating just a few syringes she will start to perk up with an hour or two. I hope to keep a steady supply on hand as well as trying to make some for myself!

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