Shadow, Stellar and Hampton

The boys have settled into a nice summer routine.  All three are waiting for me each morning by 6:30 am.  Shadow and Stellar prefer to eat out of the same feeding station while I am trying to move Hampton to eating on the deck.  He is doing well eating on the first step.  I would love to get me out from under the deck!!  I have an extra feeding station that I hope will have the name of Hampton on it by the end of summer.

After breakfast, Stellar goes away for a bit of alone time.  Hampton either leaves after eating or some days he will stick around until 9 or 10 am.  He will come up onto the deck and check to see if there is any food left.  I don’t think he goes very far, but he does leave each morning.  Shadow has his crazy time each morning.  He plays with the scratchy mats, runs along the deck railing and plays out in the yard.  He then settles down to sleep the day away!!

Dinner time is anywhere from 4:30-7pm.  It depends on how warm it is outside.  My inside crew eats at 4:30 and on cooler or cloudy days, the outside boys are ready to eat then too.  Yet on warm sunny days, they wait until the sun is off the deck before wanting to eat.  Hampton returns around 4:30-6:30 and stays the rest of the evening and night.  I have been able to worm Hampton and he is not wanting to eat as much.  When he first returned he was eating 3 cans of food each day.  He is now down to under 2 cans!  This is fine as he does not eat any dry food.

I bring in all of the food by 9:30 pm.  It is then that Hampton will come up onto the deck and usually settles himself on the love seat.  This past week we had lows in the upper 40’s.  I put out their heat pads and all 3 cats used them for 3 nights!!  Spoiled rotten babies!!  Shadow is usually around most of the night too while Stellar is out and about with a few check ins throughout the night.  While it was chilly this week, I found all 3 together on the love seat.  This is such progress.

Stellar, Shadow and Hampton

Stellar, Shadow and Hampton

Last evening I was sitting on the deck with Shadow and Stellar.  Shadow was on my lap and Stellar up against me.  I then heard a sound and Hampton had come up onto the deck.  He was just watching us.  I was so shocked.  He has been allowing me to see him from inside the house without running, but he has never come up onto the deck while I am there.  I wonder if he will soften and allow some human touch and love soon.

On a side note, it has been one week since Sadie’s passing.  It does not seem possible.  I still have tears every day and think about her often.  Passing by her room is so difficult.  I so miss my time with her.  Losing a pet no longer how long they were in your life is heart breaking.  My comfort is knowing she found love.

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