A Final Goodbye to Sadie

Yesterday my husband and I went to pick up Sadie’s ashes.  I was surprised to see such a beautiful box and her name scripted on the box.  Yet the feeling of sadness and grief came pouring back.  It was just another step in saying goodbye.

Earlier in the week I had purchased a perennial to plant in Sadie’s memory.  I had wanted something special that would bloom and remind me of her.  My son and I went to the nursery and looked around.  I had called Sadie, my Sadie girl or little princess.  We searched for something with the name princess.  My son found just the plant and I was delighted.  Yet once home, I read the description closer.  It was a foxglove plant and they are highly toxic, especially to cats. Once the petals fall to the ground, the toxins remain and the petals need to be raked up.  If one of my cats would lick the petal, they could get very sick and possibly die.  Ugh.  No way could I plant the foxglove.  My receipt stated they did not accept returns on perennials, but I decided to try anyway.  I went in and told my story with tears flowing and they immediately allowed the return.

Then the task began to find something new.  I decided to look for something with yellow or orange in it to remind me of Sadie’s eyes.  I decided on Route 66 Threadleaf Coreopsis.  The yellow flowers will transform to all red in the fall.  Here is what it will look like when it blooms.


On Saturday, we found just the spot to plant the coreopsis.  I can see it from all of my windows in the back of my house.  I sprinkled a bit of her ashes into the soil and also on top.  I told Sadie to bloom and grow.

Sadie's Memorial

Goodbye my sweet Sadie Girl.  You will forever live in my heart.  You touched the lives of many.  I hope our paths cross again one day.  I love you.

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