Hampton’s Evolution

I continue to be amazed at the progress Hampton is making.  I often wonder how this is the same cat that lived under my deck last year and only allowed me the briefest of glances.  Yet his ear tip slaps me back to reality each day and assures me it is truly Hampton.  He is such a striking and handsome boy and he has a very gentle spirit as well.  Last year when I did TNR on him, it was estimated that he was about 15 months old.  So now he is just a bit over two years old.  He has a young cat look to me.  Shadow on the other hand is the oldest as he is now over 5 and Stellar just turned 3.

I had been working on getting Hampton to eat on the deck.  He was doing well eating on the first step in the mornings, but each evening he did not want to come up until closer to dusk.  I decided to get out the extra feeding station and place it near the deck steps.  He went in immediately.  Trying out the feeding staion June 2015This will make feeding times so much easier. Eventually I will place it next to the other two feeding stations. I also was able to remove the surveillance camera that I had sitting in my yard.  I did not like looking at it, but it was the only place I could get a view of Hampton.  I am hopeful the camera will remain put away!!

Last evening Hampton was here from 4pm on.  He was off and on the deck all evening.  I had a few scratchy mats out which each had a bit of catnip on them.  Hampton went crazy and tried all 3 of them out.  Shadow and Stellar just watched with wide eyes.  It was wonderful to see Hampton let loose and have some fun. Enjoying catnip

He likes to hang out with Shadow and Stellar and we have seen them all together on the deck as well as in the yard and on the driveway.  It seems that Hampton is usually with Shadow, but recently he has been trying to interact with Stellar too.  Last evening he was trying to play with Stellar’s tail!  He also has been on the love seat at night when only Stellar was there.  They even slept with only an inch or two between them.

The other night all three cats were sleeping on the love seat.  I have an opossum that frequents the deck to search for pieces of food and get a drink of water.  He/she has been around since last summer.  Shadow has even been known to sniff noses with the opossum.  Here is a picture of all 3 cats and the opossum seeing if there was room for him/her on the love seat too!!  You can only see him in the far right corner.

Cats and opossum

I am so pleased with Hampton’s progress.  He gets more and more comfortable each day.  Last evening I went out to see Shadow and Stellar and did not see that Hampton was there too.  He went to the edge of the deck, but did not go under.  I sat and pet Shadow and Stellar and Hampton just watched.  I told him that when he was ready, he too could get lots of pets.  Keep up the good work Hampton!!

Rolling in catnip

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