Sadie’s Remembrance

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with a woman on a forum for cats.  She was very interested in reading about my Sadie updates each day and gave me unconditional support throughout the entire 5 weeks.  She always left a comment after each update to let me know that Sadie and myself were in her thoughts and she was sending healing thoughts to us both.  It was comforting to know that others understood my love of Sadie and how hard it was for me.

After  Sadie transitioned, this kind woman asked me if she could make  a sun catcher in Sadie’s memory.  She would use colors that represented Sadie.  It arrived to me yesterday.  Along with the beautiful beading, it has a tag at the top with Sadie’s name and tiny paw prints.  Each time I see it shining in my family room, I get a sense of peace.  Along with the sun catcher, she made me a beautiful bracelet with the colors of Sadie.  I will wear it each day.

Thank you so much Laura for your support and kindness.  The world needs more people like you in it to share their compassion, kindness and love.

Suncatcher IMG_3522 Suncatcher with Shadow in the backgroundIMG_3547

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2 Responses to Sadie’s Remembrance

  1. Garnet says:

    What a beautiful Suncatcher and remembrance. I know you will treasure it. I am sorry I did not comment after each of your postings and will confess that I did not read the one of Sadie’s passing as Bob had told me she had passed and I could not bring myself to read it as I knew it would be heart-wrenching and my state of mind at that time was not ready to read it. However, I have read the subsequent postings and know that you are still mourning the loss and I truly understand how you are feeling. Keep up the good work. I just wish I had neighbors like yours that supported the TNR for feral cats; but alas it is not to be here.


  2. Holly says:

    That is so nice! I love the colors.


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