Hampton’s Play Time

Shadow and Stellar love it when I bring out the da bird toy or other wand toys.  They both go crazy in the yard chasing and jumping for the feathers.  I decided to try and play with Hampton on the deck.  The da bird wand toy was a bit intimidating to him.  Yet he loved the Neko flies with the centipede attachment.  He also liked the feather wand toy.  At times Hampton was so excited he was wiggling his back end and his head was twitching side to side.  He forgets all about being too close to me for a moment when he is playing.  Yet he does get a bit carried away and then scurries under the deck.  Play time is definitely progress!!

Seeing him play is something I never imagined a year ago for Hampton.  He loves to watch Shadow and Stellar play with each other, play with toys and chase critters in the yard.  I can tell that Hampton really wants to play with Shadow.  He has tried a few times, but Shadow is not wanting to participate.  Hampton will gently take a paw to tap Shadow and Shadow either doesn’t want to play or is too unsure.  There was been some hissing from Shadow.  I believe in time they will learn more about each other and become more comfortable with each other.

Stellar has been surprising too.  He usually wants very little to do with the other cats that come and go on the deck. Yet he is greeting Hampton with a nose sniff and even eating out of the same food bowl.  He seems very comfortable with Hampton.  I am hoping he can be a buffer between Shadow and Hampton.

All 3 playing July 2015

Hampton and the feather wand.

Hampton and the feather wand.

Hampton playing with the Neko flies centipede.

Hampton playing with the Neko flies centipede.

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