Hampton’s Continued Progress

I have been trying for a week or so to get a good picture of Hampton and myself.  He is making so much progress.  Each morning he is waiting by the sliding door and when I open the door to go outside with the food, he is sometimes sticking his head inside the door.  He loves to sit right beside the slider under the table and just watch inside the house.  Each morning and each evening when I take out food, he is very close to rubbing up against my legs.  I always feed Shadow and Stellar first and then Hampton.  When I get to Hampton’s feeding station, I bend down and reach out with a closed fist for him to sniff.  You always want to approach a cat with a closed fist.  It will look like a cat wanting a head bump and is much less threatening to a cat than an open hand.  At first he would come within a few inches of my fist, but now he will come and touch his nose to my fist.  He wants to do it over and over again as long as I remain very still.  Or course the hard part is keeping Shadow and Stellar away.  They want to come and get all the pets they possibly can.  Here is Hampton coming to sniff my hand.

Hampton sniffing my hand

My wonderful husband made the cats a new scratching post.  The current one is very weathered and all 3 seem to want to be on it at the same time.  I knew Hampton would just love it.  Here he is claiming it as his own.

New scratching post

The 3 outside boys are doing very well together.  Shadow gets a bit jealous, but is now taking on a more neutral approach with Hampton.  He will still swat at Hampton if he gets into his personal space, but it is much better than a bit ago when he was hissing too.  The 3 boys are often sleeping together at night.  I love to see them all together getting along so well.

Stellar, Shadow, Hampton

Stellar, Shadow, Hampton

Here are all 3 of them lounging on the deck after eating.

Lounging on the deck

Shadow and Stellar have been very close lately.  They want to be together and very close to each other.  They play numerous times during the day and I even catch them playing over night. Shadow is obsessed with grooming Stellar and Stellar in return just loves it.  Shadow will groom Stellar sometimes 10 times a day.  I have no idea how he doesn’t have a hairball problem! Here they are lounging together in the yard.

Shadow and Stellar

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