Three Timid Boys

Most people think that feral cats are born fighters and regarded as being tough.  This may be true for some feral cats and also for feral cats that are not spayed or neutered.  Yet my 3 neutered feral cats are all scared as can be of other cats.  This can pose quite a problem when you have unwanted visitors to the territory.

I often believe that word on the street gets out that cats are welcome on my property.  They often find me when they are homeless, hungry or sick.  This not only pertains to feral or stray cats, but also neighborhood cats who have homes.  Curiosity gets the best of the cats and most at one time have ventured onto the deck.  Shadow, Stellar and Hampton will promptly hide under the deck furniture, run and hide under the deck or leave the property.  Not a one of them will do anything to deter the visitor.  In fact, Shadow prefers to greet one and all.

In the world of cats, the weaker cats will always be preyed upon.  This is so true for my cats.  I often have other cats visit the deck who choose to initiate contact with my three.  Instead of the saying that 3 is better than one or three certainly out numbers one, my three all put themselves in harms way.  I just do not understand it.  I try to tell them that nothing will happen to them if they all hiss, growl or posture the other visitor.  But instead, they run for cover.

In the past 2 weeks, Shadow has been the target.  He has a small piece of his ear that is missing, 2 large gashes (one on his front shoulder and one on his back leg) as well as numerous smaller cuts on his neck.  I worry most about Shadow as being smaller and weaker he is most often the target. Hampton has also been the target and he has a few wounds on his face.  Stellar has been unharmed as he makes a quick exit. I just cannot understand why these 3 will not help each other out.  It is just another aspect of the feral cat world that I do not understand.

I worry about the safety of my three feral cats.  In the 5 years that I have cared for Shadow, he has been the target of cat attacks 4 times now.  Hampton has only had the one attack and Stellar has only had one as well.  I know it is a cats nature to fight and defend territory, but when the territory belongs to my three and they refuse to defend it, there is very little I can do.  It just makes caring for them all the more difficult.

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