Summer in the Suburbs

I thought today I would share some pictures of the animals enjoying the warm summer weather.  Last week, the temperatures were only near 70 for day time highs.  All of the animals were enjoying the cooler days.  I caught quite a few on camera.

Hampton continues to progress.  He had seemed to stall for a bit, but now is getting more comfortable.  He still leaves during the day about 50% of the time, but is here from late afternoon throughout the night.  He is still enjoying a few pets on top of his head, but remains very skittish.  Last week I tried the feather wand again.  He enjoys playing with it and I wanted to see if I could sneak in a few pets with the wand.  Sure enough, he accepted it and loved it.  I was able to take the feather and run it down his body from head to tail.  He even enjoyed a bottom rub!!  I try to celebrate the small steps along the way!!

Sweet Hampton enjoying pets.

Sweet Hampton enjoying pets.

Enjoying the bottom rub!

Enjoying the bottom rub!

Here is Shadow frolicking in the hosta.  He likes to hide there and watch the squirrels and chipmunks!

Shadow in the yard August 2015

Here is Stellar lounging in the mulch on a beautiful summer day!

Stellar August 2015

With the cooler temperatures last week we were able to sit outside on the patio during the evening.  Our dog, Misty loves to come with us.  Shadow is very comfortable around Misty since he has known her for 5 years now.  Here they both are in the yard.

Misty and Shadow August 2015

The deer are here about once a week.  I still see Gimpy and her fawn and give them a bit of corn, grapes or apple.  The fawn is really growing.  Around October I should start to see them more regularly.  Here is a picture of Gimpy and her fawn.

Gimpy and her fawn.

Gimpy and her fawn.

Also one of just the fawn.


Lastly I had a buck come through last week while I was having lunch.  Such an odd time to see him, but still a nice surprise.

Buck August 2015

I can’t believe tomorrow is the start of September.  As usual summer flies by.  I spent a bit of time today surveying all of my fall/winter cat shelters and making sure they were all clean.  I am still uncertain about the set up now that I have Hampton.  Yet it will come to me when the cooler weather arrives.  Enjoy the rest of the warm summer weather.  It will be gone before we know it.

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