Feral Cat Rehab

I have talked before about the use of flower essences in helping our animals.  I have used flower essences on every one of my animals at some point in their lives.  Yet the one I have used the most with the best results is Spirit Essences, Feral Cat Rehabilitation.  I have used it on every single feral/stray cat that has come my way.  It is very easy to administer by placing just a few drops into their wet food and also in their water.

The first time I used this product was back in December of 2010.  It was when I was working with my first feral, Shadow.  He was making progress with me visiting him on the deck many times each day, yet I could only get a few feet from him before he ran and hid.  I started him on this product and within just 2 weeks, he was rubbing up against my legs.  Next, he began to sit outside my sliding door watching me inside.  I decided one day to put my inside animals in a closed room and see if Shadow would venture inside.  I placed a small bowl of food just inside the door.  He came right inside.  At first it was just a foot or two inside the door, but after a month, he had ventured into the kitchen. By spring time, he had walked and spent time all over the first floor of the house.  I could never close the door (which made for a very cold house in the winter!), yet it was such huge progress.

I also used this on Patches, Marvin (Orange Kitty at the time) and Stellar.  All did excellent with this product and the results were seen within 2 weeks.  When Hampton appeared I also tried this on him.  He seemed to be my first failure as he refused to eat the food when I placed the drops into it.  He just wasn’t ready.  Cisco also responded well to the product and began eating his meals on the deck, then eating them in a feeding station and then spending time in the winter shelters.

When Hampton came back after an 8 month absence, I allowed him to set the pace.  He progressed nicely on his own, but then seemed a little stuck.  I brought out my bottle of Feral Cat Rehab and started giving it to him 2x daily as well as some in the water bowl.  This time, he was accepting of it. Once again, within 2 weeks, he was making great progress.  I had been petting him with a petting wand and all at once it was no longer needed.  I was able to pet him with my hand all over and he had stopped swiping at me.  He also was much kinder to Shadow.  I then ran out of the product and wondered if it was still needed.  After a week of being off, he started getting antsy again and swiping at me.  Nothing too aggressive, just more on edge.  I ordered more Feral Cat Rehab and after a week on the product, he was back to wanting pets all over and no more swiping.  Most cats will need to be on the product for 6-12 weeks.

I am truly amazed at the energetic healing properties of flower essences.  I wrote a blog post about them a few months ago if you would like to read it.  If you haven’t tried flower essences on your animals yet, it might be worth a try.  Do your research first and talk with your veterinarian.

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