A Time to Give

This holiday season as you rush about shopping, baking, visiting and enjoying the season, please take a moment to remember all of the animals without a home. There are millions of animals across the country living in shelters or living outside that could use your help. The shelters and rescue organizations are always full to brim and in need of your help. Here are a few ways in which you can help:

  1. Donate to your local shelter or rescue group. This can be with a monetary gift or even something as simple as blankets or old newspapers that are needed to line crates. Many rescue groups and shelters have websites with wish lists. You can even order off of Amazon and have a gift sent.
  1. Donate your time. I know this time of the year is hard to find extra time, but many shelters need help walking or playing with dogs or taking a cat/kitten into a room for some socialization and play time. Call your local shelter and ask how you can help.
  1. Donate food to a shelter or rescue organization. Canned food is greatly appreciated. Many times throughout the year grocery stores have cans of cat and dog food on deep discount. You often can find coupons too. Stock up when it is on sale and drop some off to the shelter.
  1. Adopt a dog or cat from the shelter. What a wonderful way to give an animal a loving, warm home for the holidays.
  1. Donate a gently used or new dog or cat shelter. If you are handy, offer to build dog or cat shelters. These will help animals to stay warm during the cold winters.
  1. If you see a stray animal in your area, please try to help. You can contact www.petfbi.com to post about a lost/found animal. Think about bringing the animal into your home and offering it a warm place until you can find a suitable home. Be sure that the animal is checked for a microchip.
  1. If you have stray or feral cats living in your area, make a warm winter shelter. This can be very simply and cheaply made with a rubbermaid container and some straw to keep the cat warm. Here are some ideas on feral cat shelters.
  1. Most importantly, please spay and neuter your cats. Many well intended pet owners do not take the time to spay/neuter their cats. They either cannot afford the cost or feel it is unnecessary. These cats often make their way outside where the breeding process begins. The cat population multiples right before your very eyes. If you feel you cannot afford the cost, seek out low cost spay/neuter clinics, humane societies or talk with your veterinarian and see if a payment plan can be worked out. Many low cost spay/neuter clinics off vouchers for those that cannot afford the cost. Bob Barker ended each episode of The Price is Right with the following phrase, “Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.”  Please do your part and spay/neuter your animals.









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One Response to A Time to Give

  1. iamthecush says:

    Well said, changes starts with each of us doing a little more than we’ve done before.


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