A Year in Review

In January of 2015, I started this blog.  Oh what a year it has been!  I thought I would do a month by month review telling of the highlights.

January 2015:  The month I started the blog as a way to transmit information on feral cats as well as a journal for myself.

February 2015:  Another bitter cold winter in Central Ohio.  Thank goodness for the heated house where Shadow and Stellar snuggled together.  My section on Shelters has been a major hit.

March 2015:  Cisco made it known that he was moving on and would no longer be coming for food or shelter.  He had been phasing out his time with me since early January, but March was his finale.  I still see him on my cameras every month or two.  I am grateful that he chooses to still stop by.

April 2015:  What a month!  Hampton who had been missing for 8 months, returned on April 15.  You can read about his return here.  I also met my dear sweet Sadie Girl.

May 2015:  It really warmed up this month and felt more like summer than spring.  I spent the entire month caring for Sadie.  We were to the vet 2-3 times each week.  I did everything in my power to care for her and to try and make her well.  Unfortunately, her body gave out on May 29, 2015.  She will always hold a most special place in my heart.  Not a day goes by that I do not think of her.  There are many posts about her during the month of May and June if you are interested in reading them.

June 2015:  The month of June was spent working with Hampton.  I had been so preoccupied with Sadie, that I had not put much effort into Hampton.  He was now coming up onto the deck and eating his meals on the deck.  What a different cat he had become.

July 2015:  I was working daily with Hampton.  He became interested in some toys I would bring out and also was interested in some interactive toys such as the feather wand.  He was spending more and more time on my deck.  He used to leave every morning, but now he was spending some of his days on the deck.  He also was spending most nights on the deck and sleeping with Shadow and/or Stellar.

August 2015:  I was able to pet Hampton for the first time early in August. When I first met Hampton in February of 2014, I never thought I would ever be able to pet him.  In fact I hardly ever saw him in person.  Thank goodness for the surveillance cameras or I would have never known he existed.  August also brought the deer bringing their spotted fawns to my yard.  They are always a delight to see.

September 2015:  Hampton wants to be pet all of the time.  He just cannot get enough.  He still has his bad habit of swatting at me if he is startled, but he so wants to be loved.  He is now starting to vocalize with very quiet “Meows” at the sliding door.

October 2015:  It was time to think about winter.  I went back and forth on what to do about a heated house now that Hampton was here to stay.  I decided on two separate units.  My wonderful husband built a second heated house and had it ready to go in just 2 days.  In mid October, the winter shelter was set up and the heated houses were in place.  It took the cats a bit to get used to the heated units, but we had a few nights in the low 20’s and all 3 finally used the heated shelters.  You can read about the instructions here.

November 2015: The fall weather has been very mild.  We had very few nights that were below 30.  The heated shelters were used every once and awhile, but they cats were preferring the magic boxes under the canopy instead.  A few nights it was cold and Hampton was very at ease to use his own heated house.  He truly had become a member of the clan.

December 2015:  Another very warm month.  There were almost 9 days where the temperature was 60 and above.  The cats were so happy.  The heated houses went almost unused.  Not even one flake of snow!  I did have some issues with Shadow and Hampton.  Shadow is so timid and Hampton has decided to make himself at home.  At one time Shadow could sleep or lounge wherever he wanted, now he had to share the space with Hampton.  Also with the warm temperatures both day and night, Stellar was rarely here except to eat.  Shadow missed his friend.


Looking ahead to 2016:  There is still much to do with the incorporation of Hampton.  He is such a socially awkward kitty.  The three cats have just not figured out how to be friends.  They definitely peacefully coexist except for a few bumps here and there, but they are missing the true friendship that Shadow and Stellar share.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year!





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