Spring Like Weather and a Mighty Update

For the past week our weather has been quite warm and spring like.  The temperatures have been in the 60’s.  Of course there has been rain, but the air feels so nice.  The birds are singing each and every morning and the daffodils are about to bloom! The feral boys have been enjoying their days and nights.  I don’t think the heated houses have been used for a week.  They do love the “magic boxes” and thankfully they have survived all winter.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I was out working in the yard and spending time with Shadow, Stellar and Hampton.  They were watching me work, lounging in the sun, playing on the deck, rolling on the patio and watching chipmunks from the yard.  By the time evening rolled around, they were exhausted.  Luckily they kept busy during the day and early evening as rain moved in overnight.  I was able to take some picture of them in and around the yard yesterday.


Shadow rolling on the patio


Shadow and Stellar watching for chipmunks


Hampton lounging on the deck


All three boys after a day full of play.

And now for an update on Mighty, the squirrel. You may read about his journey here. He is doing much better.  His fur is regrowing and  you can hardly tell that he was completely missing it in places.  Yet his ear fur has not grown enough so his ears still appear to lay flat. He had a very large red sore on one of his back legs.  I can still see a small bump, but it is no longer red and swollen.  I have treated him with the Ivermectin paste four times.  I do not think he will need any more, but I will keep a close eye on him. His broken leg is better, but he still doesn’t use it when he walks or runs.  I am hopeful he will regain the use of it in a few more weeks.

He still comes once or twice each day.  He loves the walnut pieces I put out and most of the time will eat from his special tray.  He also enjoys some cut up grapes and apples as well as whole peanuts.  I have seen him participate in some mating rituals of chase and he can move pretty well when needed.  He also will chase off any other squirrels that try to steal from his tray!

Here are a few updated pictures I took of Mighty this weekend.




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