There’s Something About April

Last April brought the return of Hampton, the presence of Sadie and even Cisco returned for a brief visit.  It was certainly a busy month.  This April has also brought the return of Cisco again.  He has been coming late at night for about 7 out of 10 nights.  He mostly has been hanging out underneath the deck, but did wander up onto the deck once.  I am beginning to think he may need some food and/or shelter. What is it about April that brings out these cats?

Cisco first appeared in June of 2014.  He was here on and off throughout the summer and then decided to stay by later summer.  I did TNR on him and he was back the next day.  He appeared each day for breakfast and dinner and spent most nights in a shelter under the deck or on the deck.  Then right after Christmas he began to wander and not return for days which spread into weeks and then months.  It seems he would appear once every 3-4 months just to say “hi”, but never to stay.  I assumed he had found another food source. You may read more about Cisco here.

Most nights when he appears it is after midnight.  I am seeing him the next mornings when I go through the camera footage.  Usually only Shadow is around when he appears.  Shadow either is sleeping or just ignores him.  Hampton has hidden under some deck furniture a few times.  The past two visits have resulted in all 3 cats (Shadow, Stellar and Hampton) being present and going under the deck to investigate.  This must be very intimidating to Cisco.  I get the impression that Stellar is telling him that “the inn” is full.  He will remain under the deck for 30-60 minutes and then leave.  I am wondering if he is hungry.  I am unable to leave food out at night due to other wildlife and I also assume Hampton would eat anything in sight!

Last night Cisco showed up just after 9pm.  I happened to be watching the cameras and 2 beady eyes appeared under the deck.  All 3 of the other cats were accounted for.  One by one, Shadow, Stellar and Hampton made their way under the deck.  I decided to take some food out and place it under the deck in hopes that Cisco would come to eat.  He did approach the food, but soon was bombarded by the other three.  I just was not possible for me to keep Shadow, Stellar and Hampton away from the food or out from under the deck.  I did try to place the food on the front porch and call for Cisco, but he did not appear.  This may be a very difficult task. I hope that since Cisco realized food was available, he will choose to come earlier or possibly when the other three are not around.  Only time will tell what happens.  I would very much like to help Cisco, but there is only so much I can do.

Here is a picture of him under the deck

Cisco2 March 2016

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One Response to There’s Something About April

  1. Trish K says:

    I’m not sure this will help your situation…but I’ve always whistled (like you do for dogs), when I’m going to feed the cats. I also make sure there is a dish for everyone and placed far enough apart that they can’t keep each other from eating. The whistling is the best advice I can give you…it has worked here for years :o)


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