Winding Down April

This year April has been a very busy month with all of the animals.  The weather has had its ups and downs, Cisco was spotted, a new cat was spotted, my inside boys were very sick, Mighty the squirrel returned, the winter shelter came down and lots of construction  noise. Whew!!  There are even a few days left of this month!

Cisco made a few appearances from the end of March through mid April.  I never saw him in person, but he showed up on the cameras.  He even came up onto the deck a few times.  I thought that he might need some help from me, but his visits stopped.  Around the same time, another cat began hanging around.  This cats was under the deck and even boldly walked on the deck when my 3 were out and about.  The cat does not appear to be looking for food so I am hopeful it is an owned cat that is just out for some nightly fun.

My inside cats, Jake and Marvin both came down with a nasty bit of vomiting and diarrhea.  It started with Marvin.  He could not keep anything down and then refused to eat.  A trip to the vet was needed for him to receive some fluids.  He also received some Propectalin which helped to stop the diarrhea and give some beneficial probiotics to his system.  An anti nausea medicine was also given.  Marvin was able to turn the corner and heal without the need of antibiotics.  Just as Marvin was getting better,  Jake came down with it.  He was much worse and stopped eating immediately.  Off to the vet we went for fluids and medication.  I also was able to obtain a stool sample from Jake.  It was determined he had a clostridium overgrowth.  Jake was given an antibiotic,  nausea medication and I began giving him a probiotic with the strain of S. Boulardii.  This is very helpful in controlling the bacteria as well as controlling the diarrhea.

The clostridum overgrowh  was most likely caused by eating contaminated food.  The only culprits were some new Weruva brand canned salmon or they did each have a very small bit of raw ground chicken about 3 days before the symptoms began.  I am not sure I will ever know what caused the issue. For now they are not getting any more of the Weruva salmon.  I am monitoring their litter box habits very closely.  It was a very stressful week with 6 trips to the vet.  Fortunately they are both recovering well although they did each lose 1.5 lbs.  Poor Marvin is down to 8.5 lbs and Jake down to 9.5.  They are eating well, but their activity level is still not 100 %.

The week ended with the winter cat shelter coming down!!  This was the 5th winter the shelter was used and the third with the heated houses.  This is the earliest the shelter was come down for the season.  I also was able to keep the canopy up over the over part of the deck for the entire winter.  We had 3 minor snow falls, but each time the snow was easily removed or it melted very quickly.  This made the cats so happy as they had multiple locations.  Of course changing the deck is never easy for the cats.  When they returned on Sunday evening, they each looked around and then ran under the deck.  The wide open space is different.  A few hours later Shadow and Hampton were happily lounging on the newly placed loveseat.

S&H lounging

Hampton and Shadow

This spring there are so many outside projects occurring in the neighborhood.  The cats are used to having a lot of peace and quiet.  One of the projects is next door and it will be a 2-3 month ordeal.  The cats are choosing to hide under the deck most of the days.  This is sad to see, but not surprising.  They are used to some of the neighbors, but they are not used to loud backhoes, pounding, and many workers coming and going.  I am not sure this is something they will adjust to.  I try and tell them each evening that no one is going to come on or under their deck.  Only time will tell how they choose to continue reacting.

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