Hampton’s Battle

On Friday, May 6, Hampton was wounded by another cat.  It took me 2 days to figure this out as I was out of town.  He is not handling this well at all.  I am also having a very hard time examining him as he chooses to hide under the deck during day light.

Last weekend while I was out of town, I noticed while remote viewing my outside cameras that Hampton was hiding in his heated box.  It was warm and sunny that day and it was unusual to see him there.  I next noticed he didn’t seem to be eating.  He didn’t even approach the feeding station.  By Sunday he was no longer visible on the cameras.  I knew something was wrong.

Once home, I did my best to call and call for him.  He did not come home.  Once it got dark I was able to spot him curdled up in a strange spot under the deck.  He finally came onto the deck when it was dark, but did not want me near him.  I went over all of the camera footage from the weekend and saw that he was wounded on Friday night.  By late Saturday he was no longer eating and just hiding.  Cat bites can be very serious if they become infected and abscess.  Antibiotics are often needed.

Monday morning he briefly came up onto the deck at breakfast and came over towards me.  There was a spot of disheveled fur and I had seen him licking over and over again.  There I found a large lump.  He did not want me to touch it at all.  He also was moving stiffly.  He ran under the deck and refused to come out or eat.  Later that morning, I offered some tuna juice and tuna pieces with a pellet of arnica.  He did lap a tiny bit.  I continued to offer food and late that afternoon he ate a small amount.  This was good news.  At dusk I was able to get him to eat a bit more this time I had put some antibiotics in the food.  He ate it all!! I thought we were on the road to recovery.

By Tuesday he would not come up onto the deck at all.  I had to place his food under the deck just like I had when he was “under the deck kitty”.  He would come out for some bites, but then run back under.  Yet he was taking the medicine.  I also started using some flower essences.  I did not want to put them into his food as he might detect their taste and refuse to eat.  Instead I sprayed some around the deck and even on a rock that was near this food.  He ate 2 small meals on Tuesday.  At night he came onto the deck around 10pm and got into his magic box.  He slept there without moving all night until around 4am where he then went back under the deck.

Wednesday morning he appeared on the deck for breakfast!!!  I was so happy.  Yet as soon as I stepped foot outside the door, he ran back under the deck.  I placed his food in his feeding station and waited.  He would not come onto the deck.  I once again placed the food under the deck.  I decided to offer him a bit more food in the late morning to see how he would respond.  He ate all of that too.  At dinner he is always the first one waiting.  When it came time for dinner, he was not at the door.  The sliding screen door was open since it was a nice day.  Misty was barking for her dinner.  This brought Hampton up onto the deck.  Yet once again as soon as I opened the door, he ran under the deck.  I just placed his food under the deck for him.  This time he did not eat.  He would take a small bite and then run to hide.  This went on and on.  He finally ate around 8pm.  Then just before 10pm he came back onto the deck and stayed until sunrise.

Today is Thursday and when I woke I so hoped to see him waiting on the deck. He didn’t come up at all.  I just placed his food under and allowed him to eat.  After awhile I went to see how much he had eaten and offer a bit more.  I could see him under the deck.  As I was spooning more food into the bowl, he came up to me!!  I got a small head bump on my closed fist.  I scratched the top of his head for a moment before he retreated.  I could not get a look at him at all.  I tried this trick again and he did come out once again, yet he heard a noise and back under he went.

My belief is that he is very scared.  He feels safest under the deck during the day and enjoys the comfort and confined space of the magic box at night.  I do believe he is healing.  He doesn’t seem as stiff while moving and his appetite is normal.  I am hoping these are both good signs.  Yet I am sad that he is once again under the deck.  I have no way to keep him or Shadow or Stellar perfectly safe.

I continue to give antibiotics 2x daily along with 2 Arnica pellets and Rescue Remedy.  I am also still using a few other flower essences that I spray under and around the deck.  My hope is that Hampton will allow some of his fear to lessen as time goes by.  My heart just breaks that he was injured and is having such a hard time. It has been hard on me since I am unable to see or touch him. I know trapping him is not an option right now. I seriously doubt he would ever go inside one since his last experience sent him away for 8 months.  I know if he seems worse, I will have to try other means, but for now it is just watch and wait.  Please keep Hampton in your thoughts.

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2 Responses to Hampton’s Battle

  1. Thoughts are with you and Hampton. It’s spring for us here and already, with mating season upon us, everyone is mean and scrappy. I’ve already seen injured ferals around my neighborhood.


  2. Trish K says:

    I’ve encountered your situation too many times. After all these years of watching injured cats…my feeling is that THEIR feelings really got hurt when they got beat in a battle. You are doing the best you can by making sure he is eating and taking his medicine. If his wound is gradually building an abscess, he will not want to be any where but his safe spots. Usually I let them keep licking the wound and when the abscess breaks…they are much more agreeable to letting me help clean and disinfect the wound. Keep up the great work!


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