More on Mighty

I continue to watch for Mighty each day.  There is rarely a day he doesn’t stop by and some days he is coming twice a day.  He is so easy to spot since his ears remain flat.  I always try to take something out for him if I happen to see him. He is quite the master squirrel as he does not let any others come close while he is eating.  I have also seen further evidence that he continues to be in fights.

Last weekend it was pouring rain.  I saw him out in the yard and could immediately tell that there was something odd about the top of his head.  I retrieved the binoculars and had a look.  There were open sores and missing fur.  It looked very much like he had been in a fight.  I continued to look at his wounds throughout the week, but it was some days difficult to see.  He often chooses to perch sideways instead of straight on so I cannot get a good look.  I did get a good look yesterday and today.  I am thinking he got into a fight and that it is not the mange returning.  I did read that mange often begins on the head or face.  I do not see him scratching like he did in the past.  I also looked at a picture I took last weekend and today the area seems much smaller.  I do know that he can get reinfested with mites if his nesting area or other nesting areas contain the mites.

Squirrel fighting in my yard seems to have really picked up.  On Friday I was sitting on the patio and there was so much noise.  I could see the squirrels scurrying up the trees and hear them chattering at each other.  All at once there were 3 and they where all fighting on a very flimsy branch.  I had a feeling one of them would fall.  Sure enough one of them fell from about 15 feet.  He landed on his side and hopped right back up and ran up the tree to continue the fight.  This group of squirrels did not contain Mighty, but I certainly could imagine him doing the same.

I have read that squirrels are very territorial.  They do not like new comers and will fight and chase the new one away.  I also know that it might still be mating season.  Squirrels can have 1-2 litters each year so it might be the start of the second season.  They certainly enjoy my backyard and all of the trees and yummy snacks!

I so hope that Mighty does not have mange again.  I was so fortunate to treat him successfully over the winter and early spring.  He does love his walnut pieces so I think it might be possible to try again if needed.  When I go out to feed and he is present in the yard, he is not moving very far from me at all.  I have tossed him a few walnut pieces and on occasion he will find it and sit within 10 feet of me and eat.  Most of the time he scurries under a tree and waits for me to return inside.  Yet he is very used to my presence and knows I bring the good stuff!!

You can read about Mighty’s adventures here and here and here.

Here are two pictures of Mighty.  The first one is from last weekend when I first saw the wound on his head and the second one is from this morning.


Mighty with fresh wounds on his head.


Mighty May 30, 2016. Small wounds still remain.

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