I had been seeing Cisco on my cameras at night off and on since April.  Usually he would come in the middle of the night and either just pass through under the deck or on occasion walk across the deck.  I was never sure if he was checking things out or if he might be needing some help.  If you are unfamiliar with Cisco, you can read about him here.

I had not seen Cisco in person since March 2015.  He seemed to stop by and let me know he was ok about every 3-4 months.  Yet, he would usually only come the one night and then not again.  The pattern since April had been very sporadic.  Yet this past week he was here 3 different times and each time between 10:30 and 11:00pm.  I was usually in bed or not paying attention to the cameras. Two of the nights he came, Shadow, Stellar and Hampton were all on the deck.  They all watched him with curiosity, but allowed him to sniff around.  Once he left, all 3 sniffed up and down the entire deck.  The second time he came, Hampton was startled and chased Cisco off the deck.  I thought for sure that Cisco would then stay away.

Cisco lived with Shadow and Stellar from June 2014-January 2015.  In January 2015 he decided to move elsewhere.  He would come to eat now and then and used the shelters occasionally, but as winter wore into spring, his visits became further and further apart.  By March 2015, he stopped coming to eat and stopped living here.  Hampton was only here with him from June 2014-mid August 2014.  Both at that time would only come for food and neither came up onto the deck.  Cisco did interact with Shadow and Stellar, but he never used the heated house instead preferring to have his own magic box either under the deck or under a table on my deck.  I assume Shadow and Stellar remember Cisco, but I am doubtful about Hampton.

Last night just before 10 pm, I was putting our dog, Misty out for her last potty of the day.  I opened the door and the motion light came one immediately.  There in the yard was Cisco!!  I was so stunned.  He is so easy to spot as he has very short legs that have some dark stripes on them.  His ear tip is also very noticeable.  All 3 of my boys were on the deck sleeping.  Cisco ran under the deck and I thought I might see if he was hungry.  I assumed since he was coming again, he needed food.  I scooped out 1/2 can of wet food and no sooner had I taken my hand away, he came out to eat.  He was not startled or spooked by me at all.  He then ate the rest of the can and still seemed to want more.  He polished off two cans before he seemed satisfied.  I sat on the deck step and talked with him.  Of course Shadow, Stellar and Hampton were having a fit.  They so wanted under the deck.  I was able to keep Shadow and Stellar near me, but Hampton flew under the deck.  Fortunately he kept his distance and Cisco did not seem frightened at all.  I was even able to take a picture of him!

He ended up staying about 90 minutes.  He then just walked under the deck and into the night.  Will he return is anyone’s guess.  Mark and I were just talking at dinner about the cats and what would happen if I had a fourth. Ha!  I do not believe Cisco will choose to make this his permanent home.  He may come for food now and then, but he is a wanderer.  He knows I am here if he needs me.  I was just so happy that came back and allowed me to see him!


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