Taking a vacation when you have feral cats can be quite challenging.  Most pet sitters do not understand all of the nuisances involved in caring for feral cats.  First and foremost I have to have someone come at night and be sure all of the food is picked up.  I have been fortunate to have a niece who lives close by who cares for them while I am away.  Yet she is growing up and off to college she goes this fall.  Now the search will begin for a new caregiver.

We have been away at least once a month since May.  They have a difficult time with each trip.  I explain to them each time I leave how long I will be gone and what is expected of them.  They just look at me like I have three heads!!  This last trip was 5 days and 4 nights.  Hampton had a rough time and so did Stellar.  Hampton left for a day and Stellar rarely appeared.  Lots of meals were missed.  Good ol’ Shadow stuck around most of the time.

Of course this just worries me to pieces.  There is very little I can do as human contact with others will not comfort them.  I thought that meal time would be most important, but it was having interactions with me that missed the most.  This is the most difficult part of being away.  They would never allow someone other than my husband or son to step into my shoes.  They do know my niece, but they would never allow her to pet them.  I just wish there was something I could do to put their minds at ease until I return. By having the surveillance cameras to watch them while I am away is definitely a double edged sword.  I can watch to be sure they are ok, but if something is wrong, there is little I can do from afar.

I thought I would give an update on Cisco as well as some of the other wildlife in my yard.  Cisco has not been around since the few times he came to eat in June.   I can only imagine that he did not feel very welcome or felt I was full of cats.  Shadow and Stellar seemed fine with Cisco.  They were only curious.  Hampton on the other hand was not happy.  He did not understand.  My hope is that Cisco found someone else to help him.

I have not seen Mighty since sometime in May.  I hope that he has a “summer” home and is still doing well.  I do miss seeing him.

My favorite deer, Gimpy did have a fawn this season.  I have not seen the fawn yet, but Gimpy has been her up to 3x a day.  I can see she is full of milk.  There also was a sighting of she and her fawn.  When she stops by, I give her a bit of corn and I also have been giving her some apple which she really enjoys.  Here is a picture of me feeding her last week.

Feeding Gimpy July 2016

I also have seen her male fawn from last year and the other male fawn known as Limpy.  They were all part of the pack last year.  Limpy seems to have made a full recovery and is still with Gimpy’s fawn.  Limpy joined the group last winter.  He had an injured rear leg and instantly bonded with Gimpy.  They were together all winter and into late spring.  Once the females were ready to birth, the males left the group.  I was excited to see them both last week.  They came to their regular feeding spot and had a bit of corn.  They have grown so much.

Gimpy's fawn and Limpy July 2016

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