Hampton’s Nest

Hampton is such a funny kitty.  Last summer he would often spend time in the yard right off the deck steps.  He sat there so often that the grass began to die.  He would then dig at the grass and pull out the dead grass.  This summer he started the process again.  He will sit there in the evenings when it is cooler.  He usually digs around a bit to make a nice bed and then plops himself down.  It is so funny to see.  Neither Shadow nor Stellar will sit or sleep in Hampton’s nest.  Here are a few pictures:

Hampton's nest 2 July 2016

Hampton's nest 3 July 2016

Here is a clip of a short video I put up on Youtube of Hampton being crazy and digging and rolling in his nest.  He does this a few times each week.  It is almost as though there is catnip in the nest or he needs to freshen his nest!

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One Response to Hampton’s Nest

  1. Laura Turner says:

    Wonderful video – I feel I ‘know’ him so much more after seeing him in action 💕


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