All about the Deer

This post will be all about the beloved deer that frequent my yard.  I have been setting out corn and raw shelled peanuts for the deer for a few years now.  Usually I only feed from late fall through mid spring.  This year has been a bit different.  My two favorite deer, Gimpy and Big Momma have been coming up to three times a day.  They now are also bringing the fawns.  It has been a joy to watch them.

Many times each day, I look out and either Gimpy or Big Momma is standing in the yard patiently waiting for me to come out.  By giving them a bit of corn and peanuts my hope is to deter them from my plants, flowers and vegetable garden.  Ha!  Next year I need to have a better enclosure around the vegetables or put everything in pots on the deck!

Big Momma had twins this year.  They often frolic and run amuck in my yard.  One of them likes to bump up against the wind chimes over and over.  My brother thought they should be called Weeble and Wobble!  They are just too cute for words.  Here are a few pictures of Big Momma and her fawns.

big mama and twins July 27 2016

Big Mama and fawns July 27 2016

Gimpy had just one fawn this year.  I am calling him/her Gizmo!  I had been seeing Big Momma’s fawns since June, but Gimpy kept her fawn well hidden.  I finally saw it 2 weeks ago and now I am seeing it most days.  I will do whatever I can for sweet Gimpy.  Watching her walk gets harder and harder.  I just cringe each time.  My hope is that it is no where near as painful as it looks.  Here are Gimpy and Gizmo:

Gimpy and fawn July 27 2016

Here is one of me feeding Gimpy

Feeding gimpy July 30 2016

Lots of people ask me about Mighty.  Unfortunately I have not seen him since the end of May.  I am hopeful he has a place to eat with less activity.  Now there is a black squirrel that comes into the yard a few times each week.  He is so interesting to watch.  He reminds me of Mighty in that he seems to be a loner.  The other squirrels leave him alone and he chases any that come too close.  Maybe he will become a regular too!


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2 Responses to All about the Deer

  1. Janet Marek says:

    Love your posts Ann! The fawns are adorable as is your new squirrel friend. Keep up the good work!

    Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2016 20:46:23 +0000 To:


  2. GArnet Mitchell says:

    Love these pics. Wish I had the freedom to care for all the wildlife in my yard. j
    Keep up the good work and keep the pics and stories coming. I wish Bob could have seen these; he would have loved them.


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