Cisco has Returned

I have written a few times since May that I have been seeing Cisco around my property.  He appeared twice in May and twice in June to eat.  After that I hardly saw him.  Starting in August, I would see him a few time each week during the night.  It usually was after 11pm so I would watch him on the camera clips the next morning.  Each night before going to bed, I would mentally talk with him.  I always wanted him to know that if he needed me I was here.

At the very end of August I went out one evening to pick up the cat food.  I heard meowing under the deck.  It was Cisco.  I quickly took some food out and placed it under the deck.  He ate almost 3 large cans of food that night.  Each time the bowl was empty he would cry and cry.  He then stayed away for 2 nights and showed up again on September 1.  He has been coming once or twice a day since.  He doesn’t look horribly skinny, but I can see his shoulder bone.  I did my best to let him know that it was best to come right at dusk or in the mornings at first light.  Imagine my surprise when he showed up the next morning.  The past few days he has been here between 7:30-8:30pm.  This works pretty well.

Or course my three others are curious and possibly not very happy.  All 3 have now hissed at Cisco and Hampton chased him and swatted at him.  Shadow swatted at him too, but then ran away himself!  Typical Shadow!  Hampton seems to think that he was to watch Cisco’s every move.  He goes under the deck and situates himself close by.  He has even taken to sleeping where Cisco eats.  I am sure it has to do with territory and uncertainty.  Hampton and Cisco were only here for about a week together in August of 2014.  Hampton left and then Cisco stuck around for 6 months.  Then Cisco left and Hampton came back a month later.   I believe Shadow and Stellar may remember him.

I began to think that in a week or two I would get out the extra feeding station and position it away from the other two.  It will be much easier to have him eat on the deck.  Well, last night I was sitting out trying my best to referee.  I had some plain cooked chicken in the refrigerator so I brought some out.  Cisco immediately came up onto the deck.  He wanted each bite.  I was so shocked that he was bold enough to come up on the deck.  He did not care that the 3 other cats were there, he was just focused on the chicken.  Yet Stellar and Hampton were not happy.  Each hissed and swatted him.  Cisco did not react.  I am still being cautious myself as it has been a long while since I have seen him.  When he was here last in 2015, he was never interested in having me pet him.  I could touch the top of his head briefly, but that was it.  Last night he was very interested in the brush.  I was brushing Shadow and Hampton and he was looking with wide eyes.  He started to come forward for a try when Hampton freaked out and hissed and chased him under the deck.  There was a small scuffle.  I believe it was just too much too soon.

At times like this, it all seems very overwhelming.  I remember when Hampton came back and I was trying my best to keep Shadow and Stellar calm.  It was hard.  Stellar would stick close to me and decide just to head into the yard.  Shadow would go under the deck and hiss and cause issues.  This time around, Stellar pretty much is the same, Shadow is a bit better, but Hampton not surprisingly is the loose cannon.  I try to remember that all of this will simmer down in time.  I also try to remember that this is what I love to do!  It makes my soul feel alive!!

Things did settle down last night.  I kept an eye on things until near 10pm and then went to bed.  This morning when I checked the cameras, all seemed just fine.  I will have to find a way to reassure Hampton as well as keep Cisco from moving too fast.  Who knows what tonight will bring!

I have a few pictures of Cisco.  One is from him eating under the deck, another when he is thinking of coming up onto the deck and the other is when he came up last evening with all of the other cats there too.  I was shocked at how big he is.  He is not skinny, but he is long.  He also has huge paws.  When I last saw him up close it was March 2015.  He still had a winter coat and looked plump.  He has grown so much.  Thankfully he is neutered so no trapping necessary!


Cisco eating! Look at the beautiful ear tip!




I think I would like to come up onto the deck.


Shadow on far left, then Stellar, Cisco eating and Hampton right beside.


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