Cisco and the Clan Updates

Cisco continues to come each evening between 7:30-8:30. He arrives hungry!  So much has changed in the almost 4 weeks he has been coming. Lots of progress has been made, but there still just a long way to go.  Shadow and Stellar are doing very well with him.  They mostly ignore him.  Yet Hampton as expected is the loose cannon.  He is not happy.

Cisco is now mostly eating on the deck.  I did bring out the extra feeding station and positioned it near the edge of the deck.  Cisco has gone in it once or twice, but for now I believe it is a bit threatening as he would then have his back to the other cats.  Yet I will need a place to put his food if it is raining.  He has reduced his food intake from 2-3 cans a night to one or less than one can.  He also will eat quite a bit of dry food.  His favorite is some plain cooked chicken.  He gets just a little bit each night.

The biggest change is that he now wants to be pet all over.  He just cannot get enough of being pet.  He rolls over for belly rubs and purrs up a storm.  This is quite a change from 2 years ago.  If only I knew what he has been through.  He likes to sit right up against me.  He is one big boy.  His neck girth reminds me of the neck of a football player.  It is so thick.  He has such a large head too.  When I neutered him 2 years ago, they estimated that he was about 2.5 years old.  He has really grown since I have seen him last.  He also likes to be brushed.  He is very docile as well.  If the other cats hiss or swat at him, he just rolls over and shows his belly.  He has no intention of fighting.  His worst attribute is staring intently at the other cats.  They often do not appreciate the direct eye contact.

Shadow and Stellar are curious and a bit wary, but they will approach him.  Shadow will hiss and then run away while Stellar will hiss and slink away.  Hampton on the other hand is not happy.  He postures, hisses, growls and lunges at Cisco.  I can be inches from Hampton and tell him to stop or try to redirect him to play, but nothing stops him.  The other night he chased Cisco under the deck and there was a small altercation.  Hampton has also taken to nipping at Shadow, chasing Shadow and even nipping and swatting at me.  This is all forms of redirected aggression.  The nips and swats are not hurting me at all.  I gather he is just very confused and frustrated.

I am using some flower essences with all of them.  It is going in all of the bowls of water as well as in their food.  I am also able to place a few drops in my hands and rub them onto Hampton.  I have used some Feliway calming phermone spray on the deck and feeding stations as well.  Last night I gave Hampton a dose of liquid Composure.  I used this with great success on Marvin when he was being very territorial and aggressive.  It helped to calm him and allow his rational mind to win!  Hampton did not like the taste even when I mixed it into some tuna wet food.  He did manage to get some down him.  He was the most calm last night that I had ever seen.  He even went to another part of the deck for quite awhile.  Who knows what tonight will bring, but I will be using the Composure again.

It is very very difficult to introduce another cat to the clan.  It would be much easier if I could place Hampton somewhere or have a barrier between them.  Yet this is not possible.  My hope is that with my help, the help of the flower essences and Composure as well as time passing, the 4 will all learn to coexist.  Of course cold weather is on the horizon and it is time to begin thinking about the winter shelters.  This will add another dimension to the group.  I will certainly have a nice warm place for Cisco.

It is also my hope that Cisco will decide to stick around permanently this time.  I have no idea why he left the last time.  He does seem like a much different cat this time around.  Hampton has the ability to chase him away and that is a worry to me.  I tell Cisco each night that he needs to give the others time.  I still have some time before the weather gets too cold!

Here are some pictures of Cisco and the gang:


All 4: Shadow on far left, Stellar, Cisco eating and Hampton watching.


The boys and a bug. You can see the small green bug on the blue plastic lid. In the back is Hampton, then big boy Cisco and Shadow.


Cisco’s beautiful belly. He has the largest paws!



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One Response to Cisco and the Clan Updates

  1. Trish K says:

    I love your posts…I learn so much about what to do with the clan I care for :o)


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