It has been just over two weeks since my last update.  Progress continues to be made!!  The cats are adjusting to each other and there is more peace than altercations!  The weather continues to cooperate so I am able to spend quite a bit of time working with all of the cats.

I began giving Hampton Composure liquid Max on September 24.  He immediately responded to it.  I had a bit of a hard time mixing it into certain wet foods as he didn’t exactly care for the taste.  It is chicken flavored, but Hampton needed it mixed into very stinky tuna based food.  I could tell the nights that he did not get all of it into him.  He was nervous, hissy and lunged and swatted.  He also would try to bite me.  When he readily took the Composure, he was much for in control of himself and calm.  I also continue to use the flower essences.  Hampton now is able to be close to Cisco and even eat right beside him.  I do think he realizes that Cisco is no threat.  This is such progress!  I am not having to constantly sit outside and referee or watch intently from inside.  I still spend a lot of time out on the deck with them, but it is more social time than instructional time!!!

Cisco began staying during the night the last week of September.  He usually leaves for a bit, but then comes back to sleep on a chair pad.  He also has been here for breakfast since October 1.  I have moved the 3rd feeding station beside the other two and now they all eat together in the mornings.  Cisco doesn’t quite understand that he has a designated spot, but since they are all eating the same thing, I just let them eat wherever they want.  It makes it easier!  Last night ( October 9) Cisco slept on the love seat on a heat pad all night.  He never moved.  The night time temperatures dropped to 40 last night.  The other 3 were all in magic boxes!  Here are the 3 feeding stations.


The first chilly night, Stellar was cold.  I was outside sitting on the deck and Stellar climbed in my lap and I covered him with the blanket.  Cisco then came to rest right in front of me.  I stayed like this for close to an hour.  I then could no longer feel my legs, so it was time to go inside!!  Here is a picture of them


Stellar (under the blanket) and Cisco.


I have been working on ideas for a heated winter shelter for Cisco.  I have no idea if he will share with any of the other cats.  Last winter, it was usually Shadow and Stellar together and Hampton alone in his heated house.  Yet Shadow and Stellar did each share with Hampton as the winter went on.  I do not believe any of the 3 are ready to be that close to Cisco.  The first winter I had Shadow (2010-2011), my husband built a Feral Villa shelter.  Shadow rarely used it.  The following year we modified it and added a exit as well as a window, but he rarely used it.  For a  few winters, it was placed on a table and used to keep some dry food out of the elements.  Yet it was never used as a shelter.  I purchased a Hound Heater Classic as it is smaller and will fit in this shelter.  My hope is that someone will use it!  The Hound Heater Classic is a bit different than the Hound Heather Deluxe I use in the two other heated shelters as it doesn’t have a temperature dial.  I will be using a Thermo Cube plug that will shut it off when the temperature is above 45. The bottom will also have an outdoor heat pad.  I am hopeful that the winter accommodations will work out.  I have been watching the long term weather forcast and night time temps do not dip below 40 for the next 15 days.  Usually by now we are preparing to set up the winter tent shelter.  I hope to delay this for as long as possible.

I am very pleased with the progress that has been made.  Hampton has done the most!  Shadow rarely hisses now and all are becoming more confident around each other.  I hope the next update will also be full of progress.



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