Quick Update

I just wanted to give a quick update on the crew.  We still are having gorgeous fall weather here in Ohio.  We have yet to have a killing frost and it’s November 7, 2016!!!  I wish it would last forever.  Yet sadly the nice weather seems to be coming to a close by the end of this week.

The winter shelters have been up for nearly 3 weeks.  The heated houses have had only a little bit of use.  Stellar has taken a shine to the Feral Villa.  I think he loves his own cozy space.  Hampton is using one of the heated houses and Shadow the other.  Unfortunately this means Cisco is left out.  He has ventured into the tent, but has shown no interest in going inside any of the heated shelters.  Last week the night time temperatures were so warm he slept out in the open on a chaise lounge all night.  On the cooler nights he sleeps under the canopy on a heat pad.  He seems perfectly comfortable.  I am hoping that once the cold weather arrives, he will choose to use one of the heated houses or at least a magic box.  This is the frustrating part as there is very little I can do to force the cats to use the shelters.  Only time will tell.

About 2 weeks ago, there was a little squabble between Cisco and Stellar.  Cisco pounced onto Stellar and then chased him into the yard.  This was very unexpected.  Stellar was very unsettled.  I am unsure of what set Cisco off.  My only conclusion is that Cisco was jealous of the attention Stellar gets.  Out of all the outside boys, Stellar is the most tame.  He loves for me to pick him up and also loves to come inside the laundry room.  I decided to do my best to give Stellar his 1:1 time with me during the day or anytime Cisco is not here.  Then when Cisco arrived, I would spend more time with him.  This did seem to settle things.  I also made sure to give each cat a blend of flower essences 2x each day.  It is also in their drinking water.  Cisco gives a very stern stare to the cats from time to time.  I am trying to watch him closely and when I see the look, I redirect him.  This too is helping.

The past few nights, Cisco and Hampton have shared space on the loveseat which is under the canopy.  They both have heat pads and are on opposite ends, but this is progress.  Hampton is relaxing a bit more.  He still swats at Cisco from time to time, but no all out brawls.  Shadow hisses when Cisco gets too close and then ignores Cisco the rest of the time.  Stellar remains cautious.  The hardest part is wanting them to all be in close quarters together and knowing there has not been enough time yet for all of them to feel safe and secure with each other.  This is the greatest challenge leading into winter.

Cisco is now here for his evening meal around 5:30pm and stays until breakfast the next morning around 7 am.  He will venture off the deck for a bit during the night, but is here for by breakfast.  I am still waiting for him to feel more comfortable staying all of the time.  With day lights savings time now ended, the days are shorter.  Our mornings are lighter, but it is dark by 6pm.  It will not be long before it is once again dark in the mornings too.  Maybe with the shorter days, Cisco will learn to spend more and more time here.


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One Response to Quick Update

  1. Trish K says:

    Love your updates! Your situation seems very similar to mine, with winter coming,


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