Another Winter Shelter

With Cisco’s arrival, the winter shelter space has needed some alterations.  Shadow, Stellar and Hampton all use the heated houses in the Shelter Logic Shed in a Box.  They also use the other magic boxes or small tent houses that are scattered on the deck.  Yet there were only 3 locations and 4 cats.  I really wanted Cisco to use more than just a heat pad on the love seat.  This location would not serve him well during rain/wind/snow.

I decided to make use of materials I had at home.  I did have another tent house and magic box in the basement.  I decided to take one of the resin outside love seats and turn it forward so the back was now the “roof”.  I covered the top with an old solar pool cover.  I had bought this years ago as an idea to wrap a rubbermaid container to help keep heat inside.  Unfortunately it did not work great.  It was fine during the day while the sun was out, but once the sun went down, it did nothing to help retain the heat.  I then covered the back of the love seat ( which originally is where one sits) with an old flannel backed table cloth.  I then set the magic box and the tent house on old rubbermaid lids to get them a bit off the ground.  Here is a picture


New shelter area


New shelter area showing top with solar pool cover.

It certainly is not the most attractive!   I also may need to alter it a bit to be sure that rain/snow will not get inside.  Yet Cisco has been inside the tent house the past two nights!!  He was there for 8 hours last night.  It certainly is warmer inside the tent house than just on a heat pad in the open air.  Below is a picture of Cisco inside the shelter during the night.


Cisco in the tent shelter (right side)



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