As November comes to an end…

We had a beautiful November.   One day we hit 80 and we had several days in the 60’s and 70’s.  As I write this on November 29, 2016 it is almost 60!  The leaves are almost all down and the yard has taken on a wintry look.  I am hopeful the winter will be on the mild side with little precipitation!!

In my last post I wrote of setting up another shelter area for Cisco.  It has worked like a charm.  Cisco uses it every single night.  He chooses to sleep there for 6-10 hours.  Since the temperature has not been too cold at night he seems plenty warm in just the K& H heated shelter.   I did move the magic box and replaced it with the new heated house.  Cisco showed no interest in using the magic box.  Also none of the other cats were using the new heated shelter that was in the tent.  I decided to give Cisco the option.  So far he has stuck his head inside and also marked it with his face.  It just hasn’t been cold enough for him to use it yet.  I love having the Thermocube since it turns the heat off when it reaches 45 and doesn’t come on again until 35.  I still am holding out hope that Cisco will decide to use the heated house when necessary.   The cover is keeping it nice and dry. He is a picture of the latest setup.


The deer have been arriving all of November too.  There were quite a few bucks courting all of the females.  Just this morning there were 11 deer in the yard, my regular crew as well as many new ones.  It was all females and their fawns from the spring.  It was awesome to see so many at once. Here are some pictures of the bucks from earlier this month.



On a sad note, Gimpy’s fawn, Gizmo has not been around for over 3 weeks.  At first I thought he might be hanging with some of the bucks for a bit during mating season.  Gimpy’s male fawn from last year did this and was gone for days at a time.  But after 3+ weeks, I do believe something has happened to him.  There was a deer hit by a car at the front of my development.  From what I could see, I didn’t think it was Gizmo.  Yet I have not seen him once since the accident. Gimpy has been here every day or so.  Gizmo was such a funny fawn.  He was always chasing the other fawns and it often reminded me of “reindeer games” from Rudolph!  He was always first to eat too.  He loved the grapes I put out.  He had very little fear of me and walked right up to me for his snacks.  I am still holding out hope that he will return. I miss you Gizmo.

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