Winter Woes

After a most glorious month of November, the month of December is full of wintry cold and snow.  We have had cold rain, snow, sleet and so many gray days.  Sunday was our first official snow fall.  Fortunately just an inch or so which melted by the end of the day.  Today it is lightly snowing again.  Yet with the snow, a bitter cold front will be arriving.  Lows tonight will be in the teens while lows on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the single digits with wind chills below zero.  When December gets this cold, it usually means our winter will be a cold one.

Since the weather had been so mild, the cats had been using many of the various shelters on the deck.  With the arrival of the cold and snow, three of them have retreated to the heated shelters.  Of course there are always issues since there are only two heated shelters and 3 cats that use them.  Fortunately I think they have figured it out and are starting to bond together.  I have wireless thermometers in each heated house so I can remotely view the temperature.  So far the heaters on still on medium and have remained near 60.  Tonight I will be raising them to med/high and then tomorrow all the way to high.

Cisco has still not taken to his heated house.  He is only using the K&H heated tent.  I have tried placing a bit of catnip in the threshold of the door and he has sniffed at it, but has not tried to go inside.  I know for the next few nights I will be worrying about his safety.  He also has been limping for over a week now.  It has not progressed.  He continues to come and go and walk around the property.  I have given him Arnica ( in tablet form) and it seems to be helping.  He has allowed me to check his leg and paw.  I made sure there were no thorns or visible injuries.  He does not react when I touch it.  I will be sure to keep an eye on it in case a vet visit becomes necessary.

The cats had quite a scare last week when 3 coyotes came through the yard.  I had just put the dog out and picked up the cat food from the deck.  It was just after 9:30pm.  The next morning when I checked the cameras, shortly after I came inside, 3 came running through the yard.  They were startled by the motion light and quickly left.  All 4 of the cats freaked out and jumped out of their beds.  All went under the deck for a bit.  It scares me so much to see the coyotes.  I have seen several throughout the years of living her.  Yet never 3 at once.  I hope they do not come back this way for a long time.

I believe I have mentioned about Gimpy’s fawn, Gizmo who disappeared at the beginning of November.  He still has not returned.  Also one of Big Mama’s fawn is no longer around.  I do not get a sense that either are still alive.  Big Mama’s fawns were almost always with her.  It has been 10 days now since I have seen her.  It makes me sad to see my group of 5 dwindle to 3.

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One Response to Winter Woes

  1. Trish K says:

    I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this…but put on old radio on your deck…set to a regular station with ads, etc….so people are TALKING also. It may just be enough to deter the coyotes from coming too close.
    ( I keep a radio running 24/7 in our barn…so new cats/kittens get accustomed to hearing people)


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