Trying Another New Shelter

Last week the temperatures were bitter cold.  We had two nights with low temperatures of 4-6 F.  Shadow, Stellar and Hampton did well in their heated houses.  Yet Cisco still would not go into his.  The first cold night he used his regular K&H Cat House and the second night he did use one of the Magic Boxes on the deck. The magic box only had one opening and it recently had been updated with two heat pads so it was much warmer than the K&H Cat House.  Of course this got me thinking of an update to Cisco’s area!

Now that Cisco was using a magic box, I figured he might use one in the current location of K&H heated cat house.  I bought another Hefty rubbermaid type box and went to work.  I decided to cut only one hole yet making it plenty big for him.  I lined the top, bottom and sides with Reflectix and placed a K&H outdoor heat pad on the bottom and one of the sides. This way he felt warmth on the bottom and could also sleep against the one on the side.  The Hefty container fit them both perfectly.  I then used a Self Warming Heat Pad for the other sides.  I used duct tape to secure the self warming heat pad.  I knew this had to be much warmer with the insulation, two electric heat pads and the self warming pad.  The next day I placed it next to the heated house.  I so hoped Shadow, Stellar or Hampton would not claim it.  Cisco did not arrive until the middle of the night as we were having rain, freezing rain and snow.  When he did arrive, he chose not to go inside.  Here is a picture of the new shelter.  It is the one on the right.


Last night Cisco arrived for dinner.  After eating he headed towards his area.  He stuck his head inside the new shelter, but would not go inside.  He then attempted another magic box, but did not go inside.  I went outside to check on him and decided to sprinkle just a hint of catnip inside his new shelter.  This worked like a charm.  He went inside the bed at 8pm and did not get up until 5:30am!  Last night the  low was 14.  Here he is sleeping away.  His back is against the other electric heat pad.


On a side note, on Friday December 16, 2016, it was warming as the evening went on.  We were to get a lot of rain, freezing rain and some snow.  Cisco came for dinner and explored some areas on the deck.  I had been out earlier in the day and sprinkled some catnip inside his heated shelter.  I figured it was worth a try.  He went inside and stayed there for almost 10 minutes!! This was huge.  He now knows that if he needs to, he can get inside for extra warmth.  Here is a picture of him inside the heated shelter.


Cisco inside the heated shelter on the left.

Two nights last week, the temperatures were so cold.  The heated houses stayed warm enough.  When I got up in the morning the lowest the heated shelters went were around 50.  I had told the boys that it was going to be very cold and that snuggling together would produce the most heat.  I never ever thought Hampton would snuggle with Shadow and Stellar.  Yet imagine my surprise when I saw on the camera the next morning that all 3 were in one heated shelter!!  I even caught Cisco coming in for a drink of water.


From left to right: Stellar, Hampton, Shadow. Cisco on the ground.

Today was finally a sunny day.  It is still cold with highs only near 20, but the sunshine is a welcome surprise.  I was able to get outside earlier and visit with Shadow, Stellar and Hampton.  They were happy to get some pets!  Here is a quick shot of the three.


I hope that all of my improvements will make for happy and warm kitties!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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