I’m not sure what the Universe is trying to tell me….

It has been a rough month for my animals, both inside and outside.  It seems that just as I am coming up for air, something else happens.  Since the end of December I have dealt with 2 sneezing and eye discharge inside boys, two outside boys with upset stomachs, one outside boy with a large wound and my inside dog the ever lasting UTI.  I remain hopeful that this will all work itself out.

I will start with Cisco.  He had his first round of vaccines on January 5.  He was so good at the vet.  He was a bit tired after the ordeal, but bounced back.  On the fourth day after the vaccines, he started to sneeze.  At first it was just a sneeze here or there, but by the 5th day, he was sneezing over and over as well as rubbing his nose with such force.  I searched online and found that he was most likely have a reaction to his FVRCP vaccine that was given intranasally.  The reaction can occur 4-7 days after.  I called the vet for confirmation.  He had one day where he didn’t eat much, but he then perked up.  He was still on antibiotics for his tail so that at least prevented the virus from going to a bacterial infection.  Now 6 days later, he is no longer sneezing and really coming out of his shell.  He is starting to want to play.  My husband can go into the room to visit and occasionally Cisco will interact.  He does love when he brings chicken.  This is still a work in progress!

Next, Stellar appeared to have diarrhea.  Yet he was acting normal and eating well.  I only saw it one day and thought all was well.  A few days later, I found he had vomited all over the outside of the heated houses.  He had jumped on top and vomited there.  I do give him credit for not doing it inside the houses!  He continued to want to eat and was still acting normal.  Yet it’s always a concern.  A few days later, Hampton stopped eating.  I found more vomit.  Ugh.  Hampton is my chow hound.  He would eat 24 hours a day.  He would lap at the food and was constantly licking or smacking his lips.  I knew this was a sign of nausea.  He was not himself at all.  He stayed in the heated house and wouldn’t come out to see me.  One day, he snapped at me when I tried to pet him.  This was a real worry.  Yet each day, he did eat just enough to keep me calm.  By the 3rd day, he was eating better and the light in his eyes was coming back.  He is now back to his old self.  I am so hoping Shadow steers clear!

Jake, one of my inside boys always has a runny eye.  It gets worse during times of stress, weather changes and allergies.  This time, it was with lots and lots of sneezing.  He too was sleeping a lot.  I bumped his lysine dosage and he too is now feeling better!

Last night I was out visiting the cats.  On Sundays, I try to do a head to toe check looking for any bumps, bruises, cuts or scrapes.  I usually do not find much of anything.  Last night I found something on Stellar.  I at first thought it was an embedded stick or twig.  It was dark and I could not see.  I was able to lure him into the laundry room through the outside door.  He did not want me touching the area.  Of course Shadow and Hampton had to come in as well to see what was happening.  I ended up having to kick Shadow and Hampton out to examine Stellar better.  I also had to close the door so he would not escape.  I found a large wound that appeared to have some puss as well.  It was very clean, but the fur was matted.  Stellar allowed me to clean the wound, trim the fir and get a very good look.  I decided it would be best to start him on some antibiotics to be sure he doesn’t get it infected.  I will continue to clean it daily as needed.  I also gave him some Arnica and will then move on to Calendula.  I now have to wonder how did this happen.  I am thinking it most likely is from another cat, but this wound does look different than a puncture.

Lastly, my sweet dog, Misty has been battling a tough UTI infection since before Christmas.  She does this from time to time.  It is requiring urine samples every 10 days.  She also will go to see her oncologist in February.  She was diagnosed with cancer of urethra in January of 2014.  She was treated with radiation and chemotherapy and went into remission in July of 2014.  She has remained in remission since!!

I am ready for a breather.  My outside boys are such a worry.  I have to wonder if the Universe is telling me it is time to bring them all inside.  This is the plan, but I was hoping to wait until we moved.  I now have lots to ponder.

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