As January Comes to a Close

One more winter month is almost complete which takes us one step closer to spring! Our January has had its ups and downs weather wise.  We had some very cold temperatures and some very mild temperatures.  Yet very little snow.  We did have quite a bit of rain, but I will take rain over snow any day! It does seem now that we are settling into a colder weather pattern for the next few weeks.  I am at least hoping for some sunshine as January was quite gray.

Cisco has been inside for 5 weeks today!  He continues to progress, yet the progress seems slow.  I decided to completely hold off on any introductions until Cisco was done with all vaccines.  He went back to the vet last Thursday and received his second dose of FVRCP.  I had thought about switching and getting an injection, but decided to stick with the intra nasal type as I thought it was important moving forward to know if his reaction continued.  He did very well at the vet and so far no reaction to the vaccine. His tail is completely healed and 85-90% of the hair has grown back.  He is no longer limping at all!  He received a microchip and I also did a blood test that would determine if the antibodies present for FIV were from a vaccine or not.  Unfortunately his FIV positive was not from a vaccine.  I am just glad I know for sure.  It changes nothing for me and we will progress with introductions.

I had been doing scent swapping for a few weeks as well as using a cat brush and taking turns brushing all 3.  None of the cats were upset at all.  Today I decided to do a room swap.  My bedroom seems to be a place where there are the scent of all the animals.  I decided to take Cisco there and then allow Jake and Marvin time inside Cisco’s room.  Cisco did very well.  He sniffed around a bit and then settled on my bed.  He did better than I expected.  While he was lounging on the bed, I went and retrieved Jake and Marvin.  Jake went right to work sniffing and jumping up onto furniture.  Marvin was very cautious and not at all comfortable.  When I opened the door back up, Marvin ran right now while Jake wanted to remain!  I hope to continue this daily this week before moving to visually seeing each other between the gates.  Here are a few pictures:

The outside cats seem to be doing well.  Shadow steered clear of any vomiting or diarrhea and Stellar’s wound is almost healed.  I did find out that the wound was a scratch from a cat.  I found piles of black and orange fur on the side of my house.  There was lots of Stellar fur (black) and only a small amount of orange fur.  I do feel that the wound was a scratch and not a puncture from a bite.  The only issue seems to be that some of the fur that was sticky from puss has matted on top of the wound.  Stellar would not allow me to clip any more fur off or try to clean it any more.  I may try to put some Vaseline petroleum jelly on it to soften the fur.  Yet, I believe it’s more cosmetic than anything and nothing to worry about.

I am hopeful that February will be a peaceful month both inside and outside.  I have a lot of work to with Jake, Marvin and Cisco.  I also have to find the time to spend with the outside boys.  When the weather is cold, it’s very hard for me to sit outside with them for very long.

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