Cisco’s progression

I am so happy that it is March and warm sunny weather will be more frequent. Unfortunately March has been very cool, rainy and windy.  March definitely came in like a lion and hopefully will exit as a lamb! The forecast for the next few days is very cold.  Daytime highs will only be in the 30’s and night time lows in the mid teens.  Brrrrrrrr.  It has not been this cold since early February.  The outside boys have not been using their heated houses every night, but I do believe they will need to snuggle for the next few nights.

Cisco has been doing so well.  He is such a sweet, docile boy.  All of our pets have many nicknames so it was only right for Cisco to follow suit.  We call him Big Boy or Buddy.  He now really enjoys looking outside and watching the birds and squirrels.  He has an “apartment” both upstairs in his room and also one on the first floor in the den. Two weeks ago my wonderful husband and son built Cisco an apartment of his own for his room upstairs.


He loves to play with the da bird toy, feather wand or a simple string.  Yet mostly he prefers just lounging and getting pets.  My husband does most of Cisco’s feedings.  This has really started to pay off.  Cisco is now beginning to wait for his meals out in the open instead of hiding under the table.  He also is used to hearing my husband’s voice and footsteps.  Unfortunately he is very leery of unfamiliar people.  Our son was home from college and Cisco had a difficult time warming up to him.  Also when he looks out the window and sees a human, he will jump down and hide.  Marvin was very much like this too when he first came into the house.  He may always hide when people come to the house, but that is just fine with me.  He is warm and safe inside our home.

While my son was home, he was able to help me a lot with the cats and their integration.  Jake, our very first kitty has always been “the boy’s cat”.  So it was nice to have some help with Jake.  Working with 3 cats alone was somewhat difficult so having an extra hand was very much welcomed.  Jake was able to get some great attention and see that Cisco was not a threat.  Jake had a very difficult time when Marvin came into the house.  This time around it is much much smoother.  It helps that Cisco is very mellow and not at all threatening.  Jake must realize that he can keep his title, “King of the House”!

Last week we started by allowing Cisco more time out of his room and time to explore the first floor as well as the bedrooms upstairs.  I did not keep any rooms closed or any gates up.  We did this for short bursts once or twice a day.  At first I we kept a very close eye on all of the cats as well as our dog.  All of the encounters went fairly well.  We had some great play sessions in the evenings with plenty of plain cooked chicken as rewards!

This week I have allowed Cisco time out of his room for a total of 5-6 hours each day.  He prefers the den, but has ventured all over and even found the downstairs litter box.  He is getting more and more comfortable each day.  Here are a few pictures of him out and about.

Also one with Jake and another hanging out with Jake and Misty.

I am so hopeful that as the weeks go by that he will be fully integrated into our home and feel comfortable to be out of his room and engage with Jake and Marvin.  Misty our large Samoyed, is doing just wonderful with him.  She has always done well with the cats, but when Marvin came inside, she wanted to sniff him all over and was very unsure of what he might do.  With Cisco she just gently sniffs him and then walks away.  He is not very afraid of her which helps too.  It makes it much easier as she always wants to be included in all of the cat activities.

Lastly I want to update Cisco’s tail.  When he first came inside on December 26, 2016, his tail was very angry looking.  It took quite awhile for the tail to stop bothering him.  Now it has completely healed and almost all of the fur has regrown.  You would never know it was injured.

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