We Just Keep Moving Forward

Cisco is doing so well in the house.  He is out and about in the house all day.  He spends most of his day in the den looking out the window or catching some sunshine!  Jake and Marvin mostly ignore him and he mostly ignores them.  We have even left the house and allowed Cisco to stay out of his room.  The next step will be keeping his door open over night.  That may just happen later this week.  I could not be happier with all of this great progress from all three inside kitties.   Here is Cisco in the den on a sunny day.


Cisco has learned many of our daily routines.  He knows that my husband keeps treats in his office and is starting to go in for a visit.  He knows that before our dinner, Misty gets a kong and the cats get a piece of dehydrated chicken cat treat.  He also knows that after our dinner, everyone gets a few bites of plain cooked chicken.  When it comes to food, he is learning fast!  Here they all are after dinner waiting for some chicken!


Most nights after dinner, it is playtime for the cats.  I usually take them up to Cisco’s room and we play with the Cat dancer, string under a blanket or feather wand.  My husband will then join me or take over once Misty is settled. Marvin just loves playing with the feather wand in the apartment.  Cisco really likes the Cat dancer or string under a blanket.  Jake likes to perch himself on top of the apartment so that Marvin and Cisco remember he is “King”.  Here is Jake and Cisco during a play session:


Sometimes during the evening, I will find all 3 on the back stair case.


The outside boys are so ready for warmer weather.  March has been very chilly.  We have yet to hit 60.  Many days are cloudy and down right cold.  The March wind has made its presence known.  Checking the forecast, I do see warmer weather arriving for the weekend!

Each day that the sun is out, Shadow, Stellar and Hampton can be found lounging in the rays.  It can be quite cold, but as long as their is sunshine, they are happy.  Shadow caught his first chipmunk the other day.  As usual, he played with it for a bit and then it got away.  He just likes to hunt them!

Stellar has had a bad case of tapeworm.  I have wormed with 3 times since January and I still am finding them.  With his black fur, they are easy to spot.  I washed all of the bedding earlier this week.  I may have to breakdown and apply Revolution to him.

Hampton just loves living on the deck!  He watches the birds, squirrels and chipmunks, but he is definitely not a hunter.  He loves the sunshine and even on very cold days, he might sleep in the sun for a bit.  He has done very well sharing space with Shadow and Stellar this winter.  The bond between the 3 of them has continued to grow.  Hampton is no longer the odd man out as Shadow and Stellar have learned to accept him.  Here are a few pictures from this past week.

Stellar and Shadow

Shadow grooming Stellar!


Hampton taking a dirt bath!



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3 Responses to We Just Keep Moving Forward

  1. My Moon used to get worms something fierce when he was transitioning to inside cat. Revolution doesn’t kill tapeworms. It only kills roundworms. Can you scrape some off his butt and have the vet look at them? If they are in fact tapeworms, then he’ll need Droncit and that stuff is nasty. I had to have the vet pill Moon, but it’s a once and done sort of thing. Until they come back. We used Revolution on Moon’s roundworm problem but it took a good year to clear him. I hate worms. So disgusting.


    • I have some Dontral, but it is nearly impossible to get the cats to take it. I even bought chicken flavored capsules to put it in, but they still must be able to taste it. I won’t bother with the Revolution. I gave him praziquantel in a chicken flavored capsule and he took it right down. Yet the worms keep coming back. I will get a sample to the vet if I see them again. Thanks for the ideas!


      • Moon would throw them up. It was like science fiction. That’s when I made him stay in for good. No more infected mice for lunch. He wasn’t happy, but he was much more unhappy getting pilled at the vet. Now he doesn’t even want to relive his feral days. If you open the door, he runs. Sometimes I wonder how any of them survive at all out there.


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