Spring has Sprung

We finally have been having some nice spring weather.  March came in like a lion and also went out like a lion.  Yet April has brought warmer temperatures and also some spring rain.  The grass is so green, the flowering trees are in full bloom, the tulips are opening and the birds are singing their early morning songs.  The outside boys are very happy that winter is over.  They have already started their warmer weather routine.

During the colder months of the year, the cats are on the deck most of the day and night.  Yet once the warmer weather arrives, they are out and about in the yard more.  Their nights are spent circling the house and playing in the yard and their days are mostly spent sleeping.  Stellar leaves every morning after breakfast and often does not come back until early evening.  He likes to spend some time alone.  Shadow and Hampton are always on or under the deck, never venturing far. When Stellar does come back in the evening, he and Shadow usually will snuggle up together.  Shadow always finds Stellar to need a good grooming!



With the warmer weather, it is time to think about removing the winter shelters.  Last year, we took the heated houses and tent shelter down in late April.  I am watching the weather to see if that might be possible again this year.  I will leave out the magic boxes and they will have the canopy that covers part of the deck to stay dry when it rains.  It is this time of year that I get the itch to have some what of a normal looking deck!

The wild life in the yard is still plentiful.  This time of year we see the skunks each night as well as the possum and raccoon. For awhile the fox was trotting through each day, but with the warmer weather they are not around as much.  The deer come through a few times each week.  It won’t be long before the female deer will have their fawns.


Last week, there was a bit of commotion on the deck around 8 am.  My husband heard running and things knocking over.  He thought it was another cat on the deck, but when he got closer, it was the fox.  Shadow and Hampton were sleeping in either a heated house or magic box.  The fox came up onto the deck and it was chaos.  It appears Hampton chased it away.  By the time I got to the door, Shadow and Hampton were both completely puffed out, hair sticking out on end.  The fox is usually not a threat to the cats.  Fox prefer birds, chipmunks and other rodents.  A cat is just too big.  The body of a fox is not that large, it is just the long bushy tail that makes it appear so much larger.  I don’t mind seeing the fox in the yard, but on the deck is a bit too close for comfort.

The inside group is doing very well.  Cisco is out of his room full time now!!! He still chooses to be in there a few times each day, but the gates are wide open for him to come and go.  All three have learned to coexist with each other.  Cisco and Marvin will chase and play in the apartment ( small cat condo), but Jake just wants to be left alone.  During the night, Cisco is often sleeping on our bed or on a chair in our room.  Marvin is not too happy about sharing the bed and has slept in my son’s room for the past four nights.  It is still all an adjustment.  Cisco has fit in just wonderfully!  We are so happy to have him!!!



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