The Apartment

I wanted to make a special post just about “The Apartment” that we use as a small cat condo.  The original Apartment was built for Jake when he was just a kitten.  My husband and son built it to use in my son’s room so Jake would have a place to look out the window and play. Since it was smaller than a cat condo, the name The Apartment was coined. Jake just loved it and used it for many years.  He would often sit on top and then flip and flop between the levels.  Throughout the years, we also purchased full size cat trees that Jake really preferred.  When Marvin came along, we moved the apartment into his room.  He loved it so much.  He would sit on top and look outside during the day and night.  When afraid, he would hide in the bottom level.  During play time, he too would flip and flop from level to level.  Once Marvin left his “safe room” we moved The Apartment to our den.  There was not a day that went by that it did not get used.

When Cisco came along, I placed a small perch in his room.  He seemed ok with it, but when I brought him downstairs and into the den, he loved The Apartment.  While our son was home from college on break, a new Apartment was made to go in Cisco’s room.  It was a hit from day one.  Not only did Cisco enjoy sitting and looking outside, but Marvin and Jake would venture into the room for play time.  Marvin relived his days of playing with the da bird toy or a feather wand and flipping and flopping between levels.  Jake would perch himself on top and watch as the other two played in the room.

The design was made by my husband and son to fit in a small space.  It can easily fit into a corner and is the perfect height for outside viewing.  It is also large enough that two cats can easily sit on top as well as another cat on one of the other levels.  When it was first designed, it had a curved perch.  Jake was quite small and he loved nestling in the curve.  Yet as he grew, he just didn’t fit.  That part was later removed.

Here is tiny Jake

Baby Jake


Photo 37

Here are Cisco and Marvin with the original Apartment


Here are a few of the new apartment in Cisco’s room



All three in the new Apartment in Cisco’s room



The Apartment can easily be assembled in just a few hours.  I can post directions on how to build it as well.

Lastly, I will post a video of Cisco and Marvin playing in it.


Edited July 7, 2017 to add the plans for making “The Apartment”.  I now have the plans drawn so that anyone who wishes can make one of their own.  See below for details.

Apartment 1



Apartment 2

– I use 0.5” MDF or Particle Board
– One 4×8’ sheet should be just right for one apartment
– Cut pieces to the dimensions shown below.  The square cut-out in the Top can be offset 1.5-2” from the edges.
– The sides are designed to overlap the top/shelf/bottom and the back so you can screw to join the levels
– I typically attach the carpet first, but you might find it helpful to attach the sides, top and bottom first and work around inside.
– I use spare, semi-plush carpet for the lining.  I line every surface except for the backside of the back and the bottom side of the bottom.
– I keep 1/2 inch gaps from the carpet where the boards will be joined.
– Secure the carpet prior to attaching the sides.  I have used both a staple gun with 1/4-3/8” staples and an electric glue gun.  The glue takes longer, but I feel it is a better adhesion and safer for the cats.
– Don’t forget to carpet the edges!
– Once the boards are carpeted, secure each board together.  I typically use approx 1 1/2” fine drywall screws.  It can be tricky to line the boards up on the 1/2” side, and it might take a few tries.
– Refer to the completed pictures for orientation.
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