Cisco’s Recovery and a Few Updates

Cisco is nearing the 100% healed mark!!  It was a long two plus weeks.  We had 3 additional trips to MedVet after the surgery which all led to a few set backs.  The 20-25 minute drive each way was not easy.  On the way, he would cry and thrash around trying to find a way out and also trying to find a way to get the cone off.  He did well at each visit and was exhausted after so the ride home was usually peaceful.

It seems that the past two weeks are somewhat of a blur.  It was a full time job keeping a close eye on him.  He did find a way to get the cone off so constant monitoring was necessary.  Thank goodness I had a camera in his room to watch him.  While he was on the gabapentin, he was very sleepy.  This was good as it allowed him to stay calm and rest.  Yet after many days, this drug caused diarrhea.  The litter he had to use (Yesterday’s News) was just awful.  I felt that all I was doing was completely emptying the litter box each time he went.  Cisco also did not like it and last week he began holding his urine for 26-28 hours.  I decided to sprinkle some of his regular litter into the box with the Yesterday’s News.  He was literally in the box within 10 seconds!  Fortunately he is now urinating 2-3 times each day.

Last Friday he had his final check up.  He had one stitch that had not dissolved yet so the cone needed to remain on for a few more days.  We decided that it was time he came out of his room.  I had been allowing Jake and Marvin time in his room for visits.  Jake was freaked by the cone and had many hisses, but Marvin seemed ok.  Cisco was so much happier when he was allowed out of his room.  Once out of his room we kept him in our bedroom with the door closed at night so we could keep an eye on him.

On Monday, I started allowing him time without the cone as long as I could watch him.  At first, he would immediately start licking.  I was told that he could do regular grooming, but nothing excessive or the cone would need to go back on.  It took him a few times to understand.  I gave him 3 strikes and the cone goes back on!  Then on Tuesday I decided to give it a try and see how he did without it and without constant monitoring.  He seemed to do fine.  I checked the incision at the end of the day and it was not red at all.  He was then allowed to go cone free for the night!  I am hopeful the dreaded cone does not have to go back on.

During all of this, I would not have been able to get through it all without all of the support from my husband.  He went above and beyond to help me with Cisco.  The best was that he slept in Cisco’s room on an old mattress for 8 or 9 ( I lost count) nights.  When I was in the room with him, I woke up constantly and Cisco was more on edge.  With my husband, Cisco would just sleep.  I cannot begin to thank him enough for his love, support and caring during this time.  He is one in a million!

My outside boys have been doing well.  They love the warm weather.  Our nights have still been cool so I have 2 heat pads out.  They just love them during the night and in the early mornings.  My biggest problem is that all 3 of them seem to be out and about so much at night.  Stellar has always been the one to be out and about in the summer.  Yet Shadow and Hampton were always home bodies.  Now they are all 3 out.  This is such a worry.  The past 3 out of 4 nights, the coyotes have been in the yard.  This is very unusual.  I usually only see them about once a year.  Two nights ago, one was running through with what looked like a bunny in its mouth.  This morning two were in the yard at 6:15 am.  It just scares me so.  Shadow and Hampton were on the deck this morning and both shot up and were quite shaken.  Stellar was who knows where.  When I got up this morning, Stellar was not here.  I was worried and went looking.  I found him next door just lounging in some tall grass.  Ugh.  I need a protective barrier around my property.

Here is the video of the coyotes this morning.


Shadow and Stellar love the warm weather.  When both are present, they can usually be found right beside each other.  Their favorite time of the day is early evening when they curl up together on a love seat.  Hampton will occasionally join them, but not for a snuggle.

Here they are snuggled together


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