Mid Summer Updates

Where oh where did the month of June go?  As usual summer is flying by.  I love the long warm days and spending time outside with the 3 boys.  Summer is always a great time to watch them frolic in the yard and play with each other.  The wildlife in my yard is also plentiful this time of the year.

First a quick update on Cisco.  He is doing fantastic!!  No problems at all.  His fur is almost completely grown back and he is one happy boy.  He has really blossomed and we are very fortunate to have him.  He hangs out with Jake and Marvin and Misty ( our dog) too.  He loves getting treats and he loves to eat!  When I am preparing dinner for the animals, he is almost as vocal as Misty!  At night he sleeps on our bed or on a chair in our room.  The best part, is that he never ever tries to get out any of the doors.  He must realize he has a great life living inside!  Here is a picture of the 3 of them on our bed.

Marvin, Jake and Cisco

Marvin, Jake and Cisco

Shadow, Stellar and Hampton are having a great summer with one minor exception; the coyotes are still around.  For awhile, I was seeing the coyotes every single night.  Then they leave for about a week, but then return once again.  Usually there is just one, but there have been 3 together.  I so fear for my three boys.  I tell them each and every night that they need to be alert at all times and if they get into a situation, they need to get up high.  Hampton and Stellar have both run up onto the deck railing and the privacy screen when the coyote has been in the yard.  We did have one scare when the coyote came right up to the deck.  It did not come onto the deck, but it was very close. Last week, I purchased a red flashing light that works on solar power.  It is aimed out in the yard and is supposed to mimic predator glowing eyes.  I still need to be sure the flashing lights are positioned properly.  I also increased the range of the motion light and bought brighter bulbs. I did read where you can purchase wolf urine and saturate rags to scatter around.  I really do not want to do this.  In all of the years we have lived here, we only see the coyote about once a year.  It has now been 20-30 times since May.  Each night I hope that they have moved on and found a new hunting spot.  Here is a picture of one from our yard at night.

coyote June 2017

Hampton has really blossomed this summer.  He is hanging out with Shadow and/or Stellar all of the time.  He is trying to play with Shadow and they usually spend all of their days together.  Stellar still leaves each morning after breakfast, but he has been returning in the early afternoon.  He then stays until dark.  Most nights he is out and about all night.  Shadow and Hampton stick closer to home, but they too have been wandering around as well.  Here are a few pictures


Hampton, Shadow and Stellar


Shadow and Stellar grooming each other

The deer have all had their babies and I am seeing so many this year.  Gimpy, my favorite deer had twins!  The poor sweet thing.  I have seen the fawns just a few times, but Gimpy comes a few times a week.  Fortunately she looks good.  Big Mama appears to have had just one, but both of her fawns from last year also gave birth.  This is a bit unusual as they were so young.  Yet they were both large and born fairly early in the season last year.  I have seen all 3 of them together with their fawns.  I look forward to late summer/early fall when the group will all be back together.  Here are a few pictures.

Gimpy and twins June 28 2017

Gimpy and her twins

fawn June 2017

Fawn July 2017

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One Response to Mid Summer Updates

  1. Trish says:

    I love the updates! Good luck with the coyotes…they can be as sly as a fox 😖


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