Misty Sue

Today I am going to be writing about our sweet pup, Misty.  She is a Samoyed and will be 13 in November.  As I write, she in surgery having a soft tissue sarcoma removed from her left hip and a perianal adenoma removed from her anus.  That is quite a mouthful!  I am doing my best to keep busy today so I do not worry so much about her.

Misty was first diagnosed with cancer in February 2014.  She had cancer of the urethra which is a form of Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC).  This type of cancer left untreated is very aggressive and the life expectancy is around 3 months.   Misty had battled urinary tract infections her entire life which was treated with round after round of antibiotics.  It was discovered that she had an inverted vulva and surgery might help remedy the problem.  During this surgery, the cancer was discovered.  Misty was 9 at the time and in very good health.  We elected to do 19 rounds of radiation and then 1 year of oral metronomic chemotherapy.  She was such the trooper and sailed through all of the treatments.  She went into remission in July of 2015 where she still remains today.

In addition to the radiation and metronomic chemotherapy, I also put her on a regime of a cancer diet called Budwig Diet.  This is basically an emulsion of cottage cheese and flax seed oil.  I also used liquid zeolite to help clear the toxins from the radiation and chemotherapy.  She remained on a maintenance dose of the Budwig diet and I just started to put her on it twice a day since a new type of cancer was found.

In June I discovered a small lump on her left hip.  She had a few fatty tumors on her sides, but his felt somewhat different.  I had my vet aspirate it and it came back as unknown.  Misty was due for her 6 month cancer recheck so I decided to have it aspirated again.  This time it came back as a spindle cell tumor.  A biopsy was then done to discover the cancer.  By this time, the lump had doubled in size.

We met with a surgeon and oncologist to discuss our options.  If the tumor was not removed it would kill her in a very short time as it would grow into the rectum.  The surgeon was happy to report that Misty is still in very good health and should do very well with this surgery.  Unfortunately with a spindle cell tumor, wide margins have to be made both in width and depth.  With the location on her hip and near a bone, the margins may not be able to be as wide as needed.  This will result in some type of treatment after surgery.  We are hoping that metronomic chemotherapy can be used again as it does not involve so many trips to the vet.  Yet at the very end of her treatment 2 years ago, her blood platelet levels dropped.  The concern is that the levels might drop again and sooner this time around.  We will know more once the tumor is sent for complete biopsy to discover its true nature.

We are hopeful that she will get to come home this evening and a full recovery will happen shortly.  Please send good thoughts to our beautiful girl.


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1 Response to Misty Sue

  1. Janet Marek says:

    Keeping all of you in my thoughts and sending good vibes and lots of love for a fast and complete recovery for your sweet Misty.


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