The Move

We made it!! On February 22, my son and I moved all 7 animals in two trips.  We started with the indoor boys of Jake, Marvin and Cisco and progressed to the former outside boys of Shadow, Stellar and Hampton.  Misty our dog was also in the second round.  All in all it went fairly smoothly, but it was certainly stressful.

The morning of the move, I had light sedatives to give to Jake, Marvin and Cisco and then something a bit stronger for Shadow, Stellar and Hampton.  Everyone easily took their medication except Stellar.  I tried everything, but I just could not get him to take the pill.  I did have some liquid Gabapentin that I eventually got down him.  Yet, it too was difficult too and I was not sure how much of it he actually took.  Of course the morning started off by raining which added to the stress.

Getting Jake, Marvin and Cisco into carriers was very easy.  They were all a bit loopy from the sedative.  The first trip which takes 50 minutes each way was fairly quiet with only Jake making a few sounds.  About half way there I thought I smelled something.  I wasn’t sure what.  Later I found out Marvin had thrown up all over the carrier and then he was covered in it.  The poor boy was not happy.  I had to get damp towels and clean him the best I could.  We had these 3 in my sons room where there was a cat tree, apartment and litter boxes.  Jake was so afraid that he refused to come out of the carrier.  Cisco and Marvin found the apartment and huddled together.  We were there about an hour and then decided to head back for the other 3 cats and the dog.

Fortunately the rain had stopped and traffic was not too bad.  Once back at the old house, I went to get Shadow, Stellar and Hampton into carriers.  I easily got Hampton, although he hissed and hissed at me once inside.  Stellar was next and he too went in easily despite not getting much of the sedative.  Shadow was the most difficult.  He hid under the love seat which forced me to turn it over.  I had a towel to catch him and some how managed to get him in without him scratching me.  He was not happy at all.  He hissed and hissed at me.  The ride there was super quiet.  Not one peep.  We almost forgot they were in the car.  Misty just slept as well.  Once again about half way there I smelled something.  This time I knew it was pee and suspected it was Stellar.  Once we arrived, he too had to be cleaned with a damp towel.  He was covered in pee.

In the new room for Shadow, Stellar and Hampton, there was only the apartment and some cabana style beds.  The movers were bringing the other cat trees and a love seat the next day.  Of course they had their litter boxes too.  All of them huddled in the apartment and seemed ok.  The doors heading out to the main room were glass.  I had covered 3/4th of the glass with paper so our movements wouldn’t scare them.  I also covered the door going outside.  I had left the bottom 1/4th open on both doors but soon had to cover it as well since they could see Misty as well as us walking around.  It was too much too soon.

The inside boys (Jake, Marvin and Cisco) were doing ok.  Yet, Jake was still so very afraid.  Marvin who I had expected to find a place to hide and never come out was doing so well.  He was exploring all around.  Cisco did well too.  The vet had given me enough of the light sedative to use for a few days if we needed.  The next day the movers would arrive and it was going to be loud and chaotic.  We did give them a sedative the next day.  Jake did not handle the sedative well.  He seemed more on edge and very spaced out.  Once the sedative left his body, he did much better and began to explore.  We allowed the cats to explore the empty house before the movers arrived.

On Friday, February 23, 2018, the movers arrived to the new house late in the afternoon.  Of course it was raining once again.  It took them longer than expected to pack up so they didn’t get to our new house until near 5 pm.  I had a feeling they would not finish that day.  It was a long hard day.  Lots of emotions and many tears.  I was sad to leave our old home and all of the wild life along with my neighbors.  Yet I was excited for the new house and the beautiful scenery.

The movers worked until 8 pm and then decided to resume the following morning.  I was glad to be done for the day.  I was both physically and emotionally exhausted.  All of the animals did very well that day.  We allowed Jake, Marvin and Cisco to come out that night and have some exploring time before going back to their room the next day.  All of them remained in someones bed that night!

The past 2 weeks seem like a complete whirlwind.  I went from mountains of boxes at my old house to mountains of boxes at the new house.  I needed to unpack as well as be sure all of the animals were settling.  Working with the animals takes lots of time, but is very necessary for a smooth transition.

I used Zylkene again on Stellar and Hampton and it really helped them both.  There were a few mornings that Stellar did not want to eat.  It was evident throughout the day that he had not consumed the Zylkene as he hid most of the day.  Shadow was mostly his same happy self.  Stellar did learn how to get behind the love seat.  I had done my best to block it with pillows, but he would just jump onto them and then dig a hole to hide.  I could not figure out a way to block it so I just pulled the love seat out from the wall.  They could go behind, but I could still walk back to get them if needed.  Shadow did take to following Stellar back there, but willingly comes out when I come to visit.

One of the biggest surprises has been Hampton and my husband.  Hampton likes to come and snuggle up against me, but doesn’t do much playing with me.  Yet, he loves to play with my husband.  This past week my husband was able to brush and pet Hampton.  He really seems to enjoy a man!  My husband says he has always wanted an office kitty.  Maybe Hampton will finally be the one!

Today is the first day I actually feel a bit normal.  I ventured out to run a few errands this morning.  The boxes are dwindling on the main floor and items are finding a permanent place.  There is still so much left to do, but I am feeling a bit less stressed.  I will say that MOVE is definitely a four letter word.  The process from start to finish was much harder than I anticipated.  Yet I am so happy that the animals seem to be adjusting.  Today I was able to use my wire shelving barrier and open the door so Shadow, Stellar and Hampton could begin to see and hear more of the comings and goings inside the house as well as see Jake, Marvin, Cisco and Misty.  I hope to continue this several times each day.

Here are a few pictures

The new room setup. There are also windows to the left and right.


The boys snuggling at night.


The boys before bed time. Hampton, Stellar and Shadow (left to right)


Hampton getting pets from my husband.


More pets for Hampton!

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3 Responses to The Move

  1. Emily Haynes says:

    Great move and a wonderful story!


  2. Judi Cole says:

    Hi Ann,

    You’ve been through SO much – bless your heart. A move is never fun, but I’m glad that the worst part of it is over for you and the cats. It seems you had it well planned for them going from the old home to the new one. If I ever move again, I’ll try to remember how you handled it!

    Doesn’t it always seem that it rains (or snows) when you move?! Just enough to add to the stress. I hope you catch up on your rest soon and that the boys adjust to their new home. When the weather warms up, I’d love to stop by and see you all.

    You will love looking at spring’s beauty from your lovely new home – take good care!

    *Best wishes*, *Judi Cole*

    On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 1:45 PM, Feral Cat Tails wrote:

    > feralcattails posted: “We made it!! On February 22, my son and I moved all > 7 animals in two trips. We started with the indoor boys of Jake, Marvin > and Cisco and progressed to the former outside boys of Shadow, Stellar and > Hampton. Misty our dog was also in the second round. ” >


  3. Trish says:

    So happy the move is done and all went well. Happy days to follow!


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