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Mid Summer Updates

Where oh where did the month of June go?  As usual summer is flying by.  I love the long warm days and spending time outside with the 3 boys.  Summer is always a great time to watch them frolic in … Continue reading

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Cisco’s Recovery and a Few Updates

Cisco is nearing the 100% healed mark!!  It was a long two plus weeks.  We had 3 additional trips to MedVet after the surgery which all led to a few set backs.  The 20-25 minute drive each way was not … Continue reading

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We Just Keep Moving Forward

Cisco is doing so well in the house.  He is out and about in the house all day.  He spends most of his day in the den looking out the window or catching some sunshine!  Jake and Marvin mostly ignore … Continue reading

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Mid Winter Updates

Here we are the middle of February and so far our winter has been an easy one.  We had a few cold nights in mid December and early January, but since then it has been mild and dry.  Our snowfall … Continue reading

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Introduction Time

Last week I did a few room swaps and decided it was time for some between the gate face to face time.  I kept the interactions short and sweet with lots of fresh cooked chicken for all!  So far it … Continue reading

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I’m not sure what the Universe is trying to tell me….

It has been a rough month for my animals, both inside and outside.  It seems that just as I am coming up for air, something else happens.  Since the end of December I have dealt with 2 sneezing and eye … Continue reading

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Trying Another New Shelter

Last week the temperatures were bitter cold.  We had two nights with low temperatures of 4-6 F.  Shadow, Stellar and Hampton did well in their heated houses.  Yet Cisco still would not go into his.  The first cold night he … Continue reading

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