Animal Communication

I wanted to add a section on Animal Communication as it is something that has been invaluable in working with my feral cats.  I first was introduced to Animal Communication in 2003.  I was attending the Universal Light Expo and was awarded a free session.  I had no idea what to expect.  At the time I only had one animal and it was a dog.  I was stunned at the information that was presented to me.  It was so accurate and detailed.  Throughout the years I have used an animal communicator in times of desperation, illness, lost animals and general behavioral issues.   It has always been very helpful.

When I became involved with feral cats, there were so many unanswered questions and concerns about the cats.  I decided to turn to an animal communicator once again.  I was very fortunate to find an extremely talented and compassionate animal communicator, Danielle Tremblay.  You can read all about her here.  I realize that an animal communicator is not for everyone.  If you are open to the experience, the relationship between yourself and your animals can be deepened and brightened.

Here are some reasons to use an Animal Communicator:

1.  To find out whether their animal has a message for them.

2.  To get to know their animals’ likes and dislikes.

3.  To find out the reason behind undesirable behavior.

4.  To help find a lost animal.

5.  To find out whether they like their food, place to sleep, blanket, saddle, barn, kennel, sitter, trainer, and so much more.

6. To find out if your animal is ready to or needs help passing on and going into the light and to make it a gentle and loving experience for your animal and for you.

7.  To speak to your animal that has crossed over.


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